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Here is a cutie for all those who love owls.


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Thank you, Iriske, for dropping by my page. Nice to meet you and I'm happy you liked my cute Owl picture. :-)


He made up his mind, he's stepping toward a new future ! Look at the determination !!
Just adorable !!


Thank you jasonchung for checking on this funny little Owl also. I think he is so cute and seems to be really concentrating so hard on his steps. :)) Thanks for your comments too.


Great concentration, focus and determination.

I am on my way to 10,000 steps a day.

Thank you dblay for all your owl series. They are all so fun.


Thank you, yellowgal, for stopping by and I'm so happy you enjoyed my cute little Owl. :-)) I love Owls too.

Had this puzzled bookmarked for months, just found it. LOL! Such a graceful ballerina, I knew I loved owls foe a reason : o )))


Hey TTwistedRosee, so glad you stopped by and loved the Owl. :-))


High stepping owl, gotta love it. Thanks!!


Thank you, seagirl7, for your nice comments and for stopping by. I enjoy your puzzles also.
Thanks, twistinNturnin, for your lovely song and the fun you had with my puzzle. It is always nice to have fun and be "silly" sometimes. :-))


♪♪ " Stepping out with my baby" ♪♪
I know again with the music ....... I love music, always have. TY for comment on my silliness. ☺


What an adorable picture!!! Fun puzzle to do. Thanks for posting it....and for the nice comments you've made on my puzzles! Blessings on your day!


Ginger, you are most welcome, friend. I do pray for you and think about you. I am so glad it has helped and I hope you will feel up to being back real soon, dear lady. Sending lots of hugs and love to you as you heal. Take care of yourself.


Donna, want to thank you for all your support during the sad time. You are a true friend! Helped more than you know. Many hugs my friend and love too.♥♥


Thank you, BamBam. I will look into this because I'm sure it is amazing, as you said, and would be fun to see. Thanks.


Hi dblay, what a cute owl ... I thought I'd let you see into that 3-domed house!! it's in College Station Texas here's the link... it's amazing!! >>


Glad you like him Annie. I just thought he was so cute I had to share him. I had a great Mother's Day and hope you did too. Ginger has seen him and made a comment below. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.


He's so darn cute!! Happy mothers day!! Hope it was relaxing.....Gee, Ginger would love this cutie. He looks like he is marching.


Yes, it does, Rettch. He seems to be very determined. :-) Thanks for stopping by.


Looks like real concentration to keep in step.


Thank you so much, Ginger, for printing out the card's words. I think I need glasses. :-( It is so cute and I can remember laying in the grass when I was a child and listening to the bumblebees and watching them. I have even caught the "white-headed" ones and listened to them in my hand, then turned them loose. What fun! :-)) The white-headed ones will not sting. I hope your day is going well, my friend.


Here is what it says: Only one person can notice the hum of a bumblebee on a lazy afternoon as he buzzes past your ear on his way to a clover patch, and that someone is no one but you. ♥!♥ Have a great day also Donna. Hugs, Ginger


Thank you for your comments and for visiting my Owl today, Margaret. Glad you liked him. Hugs for the day.
Ginger, the main thing is that you rest and take care of yourself. I want you well and will be looking forward to your posts tomorrow. Hugs to you too, my friend.


Hi Donna, just a note as have been seeing Drs today and am wore out so won't be posting today, just resting. See you tomorrow. Hugs my friend. ♥


He certainly is a handsome fellow Donna! He looks quite the little soldier with that marching step! ☺ I hope that you are having a lovely day. Thanks for posting this dear little fellow. Hugs, Margaret ☺


Thanks, Ginger. Yes, he is a cutie and I'm so glad he made you smile. I am fine, thanks. Hugs to you also, my friend.
Hello, Bonnie. So glad you stopped by and liked the owl. Hope you have a nice day. Hugs to you too.


He is so cute Donna..............Hugs, Bonnie


Missed board by 9 seconds. Cutest little owl Donna. Made me smile right away. Thanks my friend for posting him for us. Hope your day has been a good one and you are feeling better also. Hugs, Ginger ♥


Thanks, Annie, I thought he was a cutie also and I'm also very happy that we met on Jigidi and became friends - who would have thought? :)) I look forward to each morning and I am always so glad to see you there and doing well. I will check the pepper jars now. :-))
Thanks, pbear1 for stopping by and, yes, he looks very determined. :-))

This is one determined guy!


Left a message for you under your jarred hard peppers.


Oh Donna, he is sooooo cute!! He looks like a marching soldier. Just love it! So glad we met each other in here and became friends.
Hugs, Annie


You are most welcome. I thought it was so cute. Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.

adorable capture, fun puzzle. Thanks