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Payton on What Was the NO-NO chair.

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Payton has not been doing well. Arthritis, weak hindquarters and some liver trouble. Vet says at his age we will focus on quality of life and comfort and he just might be around a few more years. I love this little the chair is his from now on!!


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Thanks Calluna. :)


Awww, so glad Payton is being such a gent. That's wonderful! Wimsey doesn't exactly volunteer like that, but over the long haul has become much more comfortable with his daily routine of ashwagandha and rentone drops and subcu fluids (with a shot of B12 in the bag) to support his aging kidneys.

Luckily my vet offers acupuncture. He's wonderful. Adopted Wimsey from him so have known him all this time. He practices a blend of holistic and traditional vet medicine. He also has an office in Lynnwood, though that's still rather a long haul for you. It is called Animal Wellness Center. The vet is Dr. Tejinder Sodhi. He splits his time between his two locations. You could always reach out to him for recommendations closer to home; he's been active in this area a long time. Feel free to tell him Wimsey's mum Nancy referred you. Email:; website: Lynnwood phone: 425-771-6300. address: 19503 56th Ave W. Hope this helps!


Calluna, I just might look around and see if there is someone here who does acupuncture. Payton, doing quite well for the moment. Animals are so smart.......I mention he uses his "steps" always. Recently, he has turned into quite a gentleman and opens his mouth when he sees me coming with his syringe (mouth type) medication. I did not realize Wimsey is going to be 18!


Somehow missed this in notifications! How about trying acupuncture? It has helped Wimsey no end with arthritis discomfort in his back. We go in about every three weeks. Helps overall agility and comfort. No jumping, but still climbs up his various cat trees, stretches and scratches his posts and has that playground slide/walkway/ramp for more leisurely access to one of his fave spts. ;-) He'll be 18 in September. Just a thought.


Thank you, Jaklien. He, even being an animal, has taken my heart. Doing quite well as of today~!!!


A beautiful cat in a beautiful chair. Can i say more?

I wish him every comfort and a long life.

Sorry, but your words make my heart a little week.


Carol, I know how you feel! All we can do is to keep them as comfortable as possible. Dusty is showing some aging signs. Our hour-long walks are now 1/2-hour walks. He sleeps a lot more now days. I will do as you do, and just love and care for him as much as I can. Payton does look content, to be here! (Age has its benefits.)
Loves you, Payton!


Porgy, Payton is tiring to supervise the workers who tend to HIS (our?) home. Sally, he loves the chair and I believe his feels victory and therefore feels better? I love his furry little body and the chair is his.......and anything else he wants!

We love you Payton. Enjoy your new chair and be happy.


Three very nice photos Carol! Payton looks very comfortable, probably worn out supervising your very good landscapers!


Carol, Tisket is my first and only kitty so I've never had to make that decision, yet.
When the day comes (please let it be a long way off) I know we will do whatever is best for her; we love her that much.
I hope Payton can be kept comfortable and happy for a good long while.


Yeah, Carol, they are smarter than humans....we want to 'try' things eventhough we know we shouldn't or can't do it anymore....a kitty just knows and won't take the least that's my experience with our kitties!!!♥☺♥


Impie, I have two sets of stairs for Payton. He uses them! One up to "our" bed and another here at the computer desk. He avoids most other things - obviously, the no-no chair provided incentive to jump (not really a good thing - but, so be it).


We love you Payton and we want you to be around for a long time. Enjoy your chair and make yourself as comfy as possible! ♥♥

I'm so sorry to hear this, Carol, it's wonderful they'll get aged, but it's also a worry when they get health problems and don't feel well! I'm glad you are on top of it.
Our Lucky used to be a giant kitty boy and weighed 12 kilos in his good years but when he was 17 he couldn't jump on our/his bed or chair anymore so my hubby made him a 'climber' of which he made very good use to get on the bed until the very end (he lived to be 18,5) We'll do everything we can to make the lives of our furry babies as good and happy as possible!!!

Carol66 first, with the recent problems, I thought, "Oh no will I have to have him put to sleep"? Luckily we are ok! Although, there comes a time when the greatest act of love is to allow them to go.........wise advice given to me by a Vet Tech friend. BTW I want you and Tisket to be proud...Payton has a oral medication each morning....he takes it like a little gentleman........maybe he knows it is for his good!? :)


Hi thehippo. LOL, I think he probably choose not to use the chair so I thought I was in charge.......SILLY ME! He can have whatever he wants. He is 15 and I am hoping with the best of care he will be with me another year or two or?


I understand how you feel Carol; Tisket is only 2 months from her 17th birthday and I think I would give her (almost) anything if it makes her happy.


'no-no' in human means 'Of course I will' in cat.

apparently your 1st lesson in cat-speak.