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My maternal 3rd great grandmother, Barsheba Barbara Boyd Clark Belcher

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She was born in 1804 in Lincoln County, Kentucky and died in Texas sometime after 1880. Photography didn't come into availability until the era of the Civil War so she was probably in her sixties when this photo was taken.
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Oh yes, I was always looking for more than just the dates & places - the tidbits that make them come alive again - in my family they're few & far between, often because the person died in young adulthood. I too was led down the wrong path a few times. When the older generations found out I was doing the research, lots of old photos began coming my way, that I never knew existed. I was determined they wouldn't stay in boxes, so they fill my small living room. Maybe one day I'll get around to making a puzzle of it.


Rebecca, every now and then, I have to "saw off a limb" from the family tree I've created on I realize the information I found was faulty and this person, or people are not my ancestors. When the data I've collected has portraits, I really feel like I've at least made some new friends and found out some things about their lives. Photos (and artists' portraits, too) are truly a way of stepping back in time. I appreciate your comments! Carole :)))


Yes, the brooch could well be a cameo, they were extremely popular for a long time. The hat does look like lace rather than flat & solid so I think you're right. I've heard people started smiling in photos about 1900.

I have a photo of a several-greats G'ma, holding a book with a large 1-word, but blurry, title. I come from a family of teachers, and wondered if she, or perhaps one of her immediate family, had written a book - or at least, I wanted to know what her favorite book was. How I struggled to make it out, including scanning the photo into the computer and playing with it for a long time. FINALLY I could see it said... Dictionary. Probably just the photographer's prop. :))

When ancestors look straight at the camera like this, I feel that I'm looking back in time, and wonder if at that moment it was taken, they were thinking that they were looking into the future, at their great great great grandchildren one day looking at them? (shiver!)


RebeccaB, do wish I did have her brooch...can't tell if it's a cameo or maybe a flower on porcelain or enamel. I do have her granddaughter's belt and a dress she wore. Her granddaughter was my great grandmother. Photos were a special event and they usually did wear their best. The "bonnet" she has on appears to be crocheted...what do you think?

Carol, I'm not sure that look would qualify as a "smile" like Mona's; at her advanced age, for the day, she may have had some missing teeth. A photo I have of her daughter-in-law is clearly of a lady missing teeth. They had to pose so still and not move so most faces look stern and serious. Life certainly can't have been easy!

Thanks for all the feedback!!!
Carole :)))


Texas Mona Lisa?


Wish we could see the brooch better, but I know they always wore their best for photos. Maybe it's still in your family? TFS

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