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Hi folks, how-d'ye-do?

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  1. johomiki39:55
  2. eltring49:18
  3. harlee49:45
  4. unixgal49:49
  5. colvi1:05:01
  6. rannwhite1:05:19
  7. michael88881:26:39
  8. RJS26361:32:54
  9. pyb1:38:49
  10. RSVENSON1:42:08


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Yellow Bird looked enviously at big brown Rooster. Rooster was big and happy, but he was thin and very hungry. Rooster, perched on his friend's head, crowed and crowed. If he could look into Rooster's mouth maybe he could see what he had been eating. After convincing his friend to put on his tallest hat, Yellow Bird hopped on top of the hat and instructed his friend to jump up and down. Clutching the hat and balancing with his long blue tail feathers, he peered into Rooster's mouth. He saw a tiny tasty morsel of food stuck on the side of Rooster's throat. He was so hungry that he pecked at it without thinking at all. At that very instant Rooster swallowed and Yellow Bird's head was stuck in Rooster's neck. Oh....maybe that's what Rooster had been eating! :-)


Good to hear that Vicki.
You are a great fan.

I was up early this morning, saw your puzzle and couldn't resist. Great puzzle.
Thanks Param.

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