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Mosquito Creek Trail

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Thank you for your kind comment, pumpkinhead. Yes, the hiking trails in North Van are very popular.


Wonderful shapes in this one. How lucky you are to have such a fine place so close to you.


Thanks, katzmum! I'm happy to share with people who are interested. And yes, I really love this trail and the plants and animals that live here.


Lovely setting, the sunlight really does the photo justice, you are indeed very lucky to live so close, thanks for sharing!


Hi Gladstone. You are always very welcome.

Hi texasstar. I have walked this trail many times and never saw a mosquito. It's just a bad name. Note to self : " Suggest to city council that they change the name of this creek!" But thank you for worrying about me. You are very kind. Hug!

Hi Ank. Yes it's wonderful that the forest is so close. It's really nice to go there on a very hot summer day. Under the trees it's always cool and refreshing. And the best time to walk here is when it's raining. The creek sounds lovely and the smells are incredible.

Hi Chickie. When out-of-town friends visit I usually suggest that we do this hike. The name is always a stumbling block. I have to be very persuasive and practically sign a document swearing that there are no mosquitoes. Sigh! I'm glad you came along after all !


It looks like a pretty train, but with a name like that, I'm not so sure I want to go. LOL Thanks cevas!


Great Cathy and nice it's so close to your home.


This is a beautiful place, but just looks full of mosquitoes. Everytime someone says mosquito anything, I panic because of all the deaths we had here from the outbreak of West Nile virus. Please be careful!


Thank you for sharing your picture. Good to see.


Hi goingsilver. Yes, I walk here every now and then and I have never been bothered by mosquitoes. I don't think this creek was well named.


Looks a nice walk, despite its name!


Sorry that should be 20 minutes not 2 minutes !!


Hi jcarroll. I took about 2 min to walk to the trail head so maybe 1 km. Then I walked up the trail for what should have been another 20 minutes but I stopped every now and then to ... you guessed it - take pictures!

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