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My Pack

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  1. PaxLab11:52
  2. KatrinBehrends12:40
  3. spencersmom12:50
  4. kebabie14:01
  5. JAT77715:30
  6. nuthatch4316:01
  7. NinaR16:53
  8. brischi18:50
  9. japrcb19:42
  10. pholmes20:57


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Nice time PaxLab! Sorry about your injury, that sucks. I’m glad (kinda) that Pax will work for someone else. The two b&w pups are Elvira and Kate. Half sisters. Same mother. Kate took me to National Final as an under three years old, last year. I’m trying hard to be the handler she deserves.


YAY! Good to hear from you. Thank you for the shout out!! This is a great puzzle of a lovely pack. Is the pup Elvira in the other puzzle yours, too? From the sheep TV puzzle, I take you are still heavily addicted to herding? Pax is still an "only dog". She has been doing amazingly well in agility. Still not the fastest Lab, but oh so consistent. I can't remember if we discussed this when we were last in contact, but I was aiming for AKC's lifetime achievement award for her - Agility Grand Champion. It takes a total of 450 Q's in a set mix of each type of course. She was THREE Q's away (she needs 3 Q's in Premier JWW). I tried too hard at a trial last month and tore my ACL. :-( Dang. The only good news is that a friend has been practicing with her and is going to try to get that title finished up for me. They trialed the weekend before last, and while they had one back jump in the PremJWW course, she earned two double Q's! The ACL tear reminded me of the old Wide World of Sports opening with the guy on the ski jump - the agony of defeat. LOL!! So I am rehab-ing. The surgeon thinks I will be likely able to get back to "normal" without my ACL and use a knee brace for support for agility. We'll see. Surgery isn't off the table if I need it, but it is a long row, too. Right now I am working on strength and balance and wear a brace just to get through the day. I hope you are well. Send an update if you get a moment! And thanks, again,for a great puzzle. I will tackle the others when I am not at work ;-)


Thank you pholmes


Your pack is wonderful! Thanks for sharing them.



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