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Pulled Feather Art Glass!! ~ Octomom`s size

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LOL Wascally! I guess I knew what it meant, just not what the geneisis of the phrase is. But thank you for taking the time to look it up for me. You're too good!!

And now I feel like I should properly check it out. So I have. This is from

The phrase was originally 'a turn up for the book'. At 18th and 19th century English race meetings when bets were placed, the punter's name and wager were written down in a notebook. Not unreasonably, this process was called 'making a book'. If a race was won by a horse that the 'bookmaker' had no record of in his book, he had a 'turn up' and kept all the wagered money. Among sporting men bookmakers are said to have a turn up when an unbacked horse wins.

So, 'a turn up for the book' translates as a stroke of good luck for the bookmakers.



OK Kirsten...... I had to look it up......" a turn up for the books" means "a surprising event"
; - ]


Awww - thanks Jan. :)))


Well, of course I do! Love the technique!! Don't know why it wasn't ringing any bells! But, as usual, it was the perfect choice for your puzzles!!


Consider it yours, Jan! I'm so glad the red has finally been faved! It was looking like it wouldn't be, and I love it too. I was nearly forced to fave it myself! And I think you DO know feather art glass - just perhaps not by its name.

Here's an explanation:

And here's a better example than the one in the explanantion:

As always, I'm thrilled when you really like 'em. :)))


I'm so glad Pat! :)))


Thanks Mariasha. I know I can always rely on you to appreciate anything "art glass". And you are most welcome. :)))


I am not greedy today, Kirsten. But, I MUST have the upper left one. Please, oh pretty please! The lower right is a close second, but the red one - GORGEOUS!

Please forgive me for being stupid, but what is pulled feather art glass?

(beautiful group today!!)


Love it :)))

The middle row captivates me this morning, but they are all absolutely beautiful! Thanks for yet another terrific puzzle!


Well, colour me surprised, Barb! Not the blue? There's a turn up for the books. (what on earth does that saying mean anyway?) LOL. But I'm very glad you enjoyed it. :)))


What can I say ..... they are all so lovely! I'll take the lime green, the turquoise and the orange - how's that for variety!? :-)) Thanks for another wonderful set, Kirsten!

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