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Face masks

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While people try to protect themselves they decide to pollute the planet. I just don't understand the mentality. Who does this?
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  1. JAT7779:53
  2. LandiLuff13:01
  3. Yeb2216:39


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LandiLuff, thank you for your efforts. Now if everyone else would get on the bandwagon and help out just a little, just imagine what a huge difference that would make! Sherry


You are spot on Sherry, we pick up a large bag full of rubbish everyday on our dog walk. This morning we took out boat out and found a large brittle plastic raft full of holes. It had washed ashore a few years ago by the look of it. Weeds were growing on it. We got it dug out and onto our boat. Now it will be disposed of properly.


The mentality is not there. This "ME" generation, and others as well, do not give a single thought to the consequences of their actions. Entire species are dying out because people continue to throw away their trash just anywhere. The trash eventually makes its way to the oceans and pollutes it and kills those beings living there. It's more than sad, and it's our fault. Sherry

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