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Shredder Extraordinaire!

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"I fluffed it up for you.
"You are welcome."

I have never benefitted from a cat with this passion, but I know people who have.
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  1. hadzi1:22
  2. racoonstar1:28
  3. JLAGeocats1:28
  4. MoreJunk1:40
  5. starcatlady61:43
  6. renneasie1:44
  7. Ianto1:49
  8. patten1:49
  9. canoekaw1:51
  10. Sylly1:51


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What a perfect name for a kitty. Have you posted any pictures of her here? I would love to have the links.


Good idea I'll try it on Parfait! Thanks


Sweetie Pie loved all kinds of odd things. One of her's was a large berry flat filled with shredded paper and then I would put her treats in and it was fun to watch her source them.



Looks quite satisfied with him/herself. My cat also is a shredder. I had a box her size that I filled with crumpled up paper bags. She would get in it and scratched and ripped them up, when she finished that she buried herself in it and slept several hours. She used it quite often. I called it her frustration box.


Hmm - googled:
"Why does your cat enjoy shredding paper products like toilet paper, tissues and paper towels? In short -- because it’s fun. Cats often use shredding paper as a way to relieve boredom, according to feline behaviour expert Pam Johnson-Bennett. With basic lifestyle changes, you can alter your cat’s chaotic behaviour."


I agree, you and are lucky with Charlie & Sweetie Pie.
Hi Dillydidit, that is an interesting thought/correlation about nails needing to be clipped.
@Donnajames, what say you? Do you think there is an argument here for your kitty?

Nice to know they grow out of it, I wonder what that is all about.


One good thing is most of them usually grow out of the TP and paper towel shredding.... usually around 3-4 years old.


Love his face btw! :-D))


Humans love to write/carve on walls/things anywhere "I was here! ".... this is how cats do that. ;-)))

Mission accomplished. Now I can chill.


I learned to keep the bathroom door closed while we had Charlie.

Dilly recently did it to a roll of thin paper towel. She is telling me her nails need clipping! My mini boy bunny..any thin paper in small simiarlily shaped pieces.


I am so lucky my Charlie doesn't shred or tear things up.


Yes, the laid on, wow. Mine does not tear things, thank god, but goes crazy over anything with lots of fresh printer's ink. Much like catnip but in fact, a more reliable response because ink always does where catnip is hit and miss. Go figure.


I have absolutely no idea!!! Anything paper! Also, ever notice if you drop a piece of paper on the floor it is something that MUST be laid on! :-))


I do recall seeing that picture. I wonder what the fascination is?


Check out my Profile of the first couple of pictures I posted! This is nothing!!!! hahaha One of my cats got into our stash of bulk product we bought. Whole packages torn to shreds!!!! LOL dj


Thanks for your notes.
IssyCoston - I am glad you do not have a cat doing this.

Birgit73 - 'Cat confetti'. I like that.


If I walk into that kind of mess in my bathroom, it's because I forgot I had the window open, the wind had come up and whipped every bit of paper off the roll and roller-coastered it around the room. Aargh LOL


Cat confetti :o)


@Birgit73 @kmccarrel @Donnajames @nanapuzzler @irisriver @IssyCoston @bdmc @lovesgulls @Magaella @Droelfzehn @myself1935 @Peggystarr3 @renegal59

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