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🦘ᨏ🌳 Barrington Tops National Park 🌳ᨏ🦘

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On the street of the town Dungog in the foothills of the Barington Tops

The Barrington Tops is a protected area located in the Hunter Valley, approximately 200 kilometres north of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. In 1969 the area was declared the Barrington Tops National Park.
The park is World Heritage Site Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, it is also part of Important Bird Area. A large variety of plants and animals is in the park and the steepness of the terrain ensures that they are not disturbed by humans. Plant life includes a huge eucalypt trees, antarctic beech, tree ferns and a large variety of mosses and ferns.
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You are welcome:-))))))


I have a healthy respect for snakes. I have shepherded several out of the road. None of them were venomous. :-)


Thank you Ianto, it's nice of you β™₯:))


Yes Judy, I always hope so. Thank you for the beautiful green snake, fortunately it's not real ... I'd jump away from the computer 🐍 β™₯:))

Keep warm and have a good long walk,


Perhaps the legs are to keep the snakes away. 🐍


Judy, I hope it's not as bad as you write. But, with my snake phobia, it's really a little stressful. Beautiful nature will let you forget about the potential danger β™₯:))


Worimi1 thank you for your warm welcome to Worimi country. It's great to meet you and I can remember with you the experiences of this beautiful remote spot in NSW. Unlike you, I've only been there once, my experiences are memorable β™₯:))


Yes Jill, thank you for your kind wish. The name? Unfortunately I do not know its origin, it would be interesting to find out. Maybe it's some of the original name of the place? β™₯:))


Yes Ianto - and now to the mountains .... β™₯:))


Do watch out for the disembodied legs though.
Everything in Australia can kill you.


Welcome to Worimi country. Garingi clan Worimi nation.
Dungog and Gloucester are the gateway to the Barrington tops wilderness area, a truely beautiful remote spot in NSW Aus. We have hiked, camped and explored out from Dungog many times.


That’s an interesting name Deanna. A lovely day for you TFP

That is a great thing to do. Sounds like a great meal.

Now to the mountains,


Yes Ianto, I always try to eat country-specific dishes. I think we had a classic Australian meat pie with lots of vegetables, we were in a hurry to have time for the beautiful mountains β™₯:))

Did you get something to eat? And thank you for taking me alone with you.


Yes, Ianto, it's a nice town, we stopped there for a while, thank you for accompanying me today β™₯:))

Nice little town.

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