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Repost: Corbin-Norton House, Martha's Vineyard

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Warbler posted a picture of this house on Martha's Vineyard with some background, and a link to the site of the architects who show photos of it over the years, including its burning down in 2001. This is a picture showing a better view of the front, which I originally posted in September 2012.

Warbler's puzzle and links:

Note the name of the house on the second-floor curved porch, and the Greek (Cyrillic?) words over the second floor windows of the near tower.
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I claim the hexagon room and the widow's walk. What a fabulous home. Thanks for posting this again. I never get tired of looking at this style.


How wonderful that they cared enough to rebuild it exactly as it was before the fire. It certainly stands out.


Well, going to Martha's Vineyard is one of those things I didn't do when I was in Boston, when it was easy - and now I'm 8 hours away! :-( My one visit was a performance of a custom version of our sea program (Martha's Vineyard has a whaling history; we incorporated some material from their museum); I only had a few hours to wander around taking pictures on the next day before taking the ferry home. Opportunities lost - but I'll go back one of these days.

P.S. People with suitcases probably explains the *fourth* inscription. In the face of the second to the top step of the stairs up to the porch, it says, "A PRIVATE HOUSE". :-)


Oh you are so lucky to be able to go there to view it. Apparently they have found people in the house several times waiting with their suitcases to book in. They have mistaken it for a bed and breakfast or lodging of some sort!!


Well, Cyrillic is based on the Greek alphabet, and it's in an elegant font (making it difficult to distinguish between them without seeing the letters better), so it might be Cyrillic. In studying the picture, I see that there's *another* inscription over the porch steps, and it *could* be "Peter's Dacha"; the first word starts with 'D' (delta) and the second might start with 'P' (Pi) and could be a possessive form. That still leaves the three-word second-story inscription unexplained. The first word starts with 'Ell...', which is a bit odd for Cyrillic because no native Russian words start with 'e', only imported words.

Next time I'm there, I'll have to remember to look more closely!


Hi Dondi
I read a little bit on the Norton family and so consequently about this house. There was a statement in there that said there is an inscription on the house in Cyrillic (Russian) which translated to English meant Peter's Summer House. I cannot tell though, that what can be seen on the second floor window, is that particular inscription. Maybe??


Sorry, PH, I don't; I couldn't quite read them in the photograph.

Well, Emerger, actually it's a new beauty, rebuilt from scratch after the fire to be an exact replica! :-)


An old beauty, for sure, worthy of many photographs!


This is an amazing home. Do you know what the Greek words say, Don?


Hi Dondi - It is a shame we can't have our farm there then but ... seen as it Sir Warbs money - heck we might as well buy the park!!!! :~)

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