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8-11-77 012

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  1. DJY2:41
  2. jenalou2:44
  3. kmtw162:46
  4. mon1232:52
  5. Stepha03142:52
  6. barryallardice2:57
  7. holica2:58
  8. Ann10003:05
  9. DougBruce3:10
  10. fuzzieswife3:13


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Nice for you to have visitors like this one. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.


I'm glad you like the puzzle. She comes to the feeder almost every day for the pieces of sunflower seeds

So fun to watch! ;-)


Breast...Belly...Almost the same thing on a bird!

Yes,yes red-bellied...correct.


This looks like a Female Red-bellied Woodpecker to me; and, yes, the male's red goes all the way over the top of his head and down to his beak. Beautiful!

Female rose-breasted woodpecker! The male's red stripe on head is solid to bill, broken on female. Love this puzzle!


Red Shafted Flicker?

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