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Fierce Little Garden Protector

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Praying Mantis. Photo by Vanessa.
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Hoping you are okay, Fay...♥︎♥︎♥︎


Thinking of you, Fay...♥︎


I had a little kitten once who was checking out a full grown praying mantis in our garden. Needless to say, the mantis won that match!


Fantastic to see you on Jigidi again, Fay! We've all been so worried. I hope this means that all is well. ❤❤❤


Missing you Obby....hope you will be able to join us soon♥


Great photo Obby, happy you are well enough to post now and then. Stay strong.

Oh Fay, this is such a great picture. I used to find them in my yard all the time but now with everything being sprayed they are no more. So sad.
So glad your here.

Obby’s back! Obby’s back!


Thank you for this pretty puzzle featuring the praying mantis, Fay.
Glad to see you posting. ♥︎☺︎♥︎


Oh, I LOVE Praying Mantis! They are fearless! Like Bullants! They raise their dukes when you go near them, like they will take you on. And we are eleventy billion times bigger than them! But still. They are prepared to have a go. So gutsy! Thanks Fay. And on a more serious note, I too have been a little concerned about your absence here. I hope that all is well with you. (❛ᴗ❛)


Sweet photo Fay! ♥♥♥


Thank you for posting this great predator of all the creepy/crawlies, Fay. I have them in my garden too, just tiny little, green hatchlings and they are welcome whenever I see them.... :)


Thank you!


l also wondered if you were ok Obby so glad you are sitting in your garden taking beautiful photos!


Lovely photo. I'm glad to have these in my garden. So good to see you posting. I've been concerned. Thank you. I love this little one. Hugs.

Go for it Obby. Best wishes to you.

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