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Kit Cat got the ball.

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We weren't watching when he got the ball out, but he was very pleased with himself.
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  4. iss468:50
  5. essendonbendigo10:34
  6. mare445611:11
  7. beyondwords11:51
  8. Dulci813:18
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Beyondwords, Kit Cat couldn’t get enough of this for months! He was so focused and determined. All you had to do was get the ball rolling and he would come running. He did get the ball out once but we were able to pop it back in. He isn’t crazy about it anymore and doesn’t play with it everyday but will give it an occasional swipe.

Does Kit Cat still play with this? Our cats lost interest in theirs for a while, then went back to it and managed to knock the ball out where we still haven't found it. And we haven't found another ball that fits in the track. But interestingly, one cat still scratches the cardboard sometimes.

You go sweetie! Mom knows a good toy when she sees one! ☺


Oh yes, Kit Cat certainly loves this toy! I shake my head at so many of the toys out there, obviously designed by people who have never had cats.


"Well, wasn't that the objection of the exercise?? Hoomans don't always understand what cats love to play with. At least this somebody cat slave figured out what kind of toys are great for cats."
This cat should be proud of training the family to get the "right" kind of amusement.

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