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Shirleys Cat Puzzle

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What a story! Thank you, Willow11, for sharing it.


I rescued a tiny kitten on the way home from church in the mid nineties. He was skin and bones, with a broken tail, the bone sticking out. He fit in my hand. Next AM went to vet. After exam, found out he was filled with sticks and rocks, older kitten and they wanted to put him down. Told them to do everything to save him. After 35 in enemas and removing his tail...I could bring him home. He laid on a pillow on the floor, with pate food and water. I held him to his food and water. He purred and drewled from the moment I picked him up from the road. He always was near me.....especially when I worked puzzles on the floor with him. Never any problem. I worked a round one with 3 kittens looking out the window at birds in a bush. One piece was missing. Never entered my mind he was involved. Put the puzzled back in its box after a couple days. A week or so later I found it.....wrapped in his blanket in his bed. The bed was hardly used as he slept with me ....He lived almost 20 years. He is just one cat in my life...he lead me to rescue, foster and adopt and many times keep all sorts of kittens and adult cats as a lifetime member and office holder of the local humane society. He is still missed and his profound love. The round puzzle now hangs in my house. Your puzzle brought back fond memories of my "little Tucker". Thank you very much

Now I see that the picture on the puzzle is lots and lots of cats! Thanks for giving us a clever puzzle.

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17 November 2020 - 31 December 2016
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