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Truth in this Sign

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3wishes, that is what people do. Watch children playing a game sometime. If something happens that there is not a rule for, they make up a rule. People LIKE rules, either to obey or rebel against. We started with a rather simple Constitution. How many laws are there now? I doubt anyone could tell you.


In American, the average law-abiding citizen can commits anywhere from three to eight felonies daily, without realizing that they are breaking a law. If you asked your state or federal politician, how many laws are on the books, they could not answer that question, whether it is federal code or state code.


Evil originates in the hearts of men. Unless the heart changes, evil continues. Laws can only try to control peripheral damage.

Laws can make it much harder for Evil to do great damage

Continuous application of rules continuously does not work

Amen to that

True, laws do not control or stop evil. Yes, we need laws ,but the lawless do not obey laws. If the person pointing a gun at you ready to fire, he will not stop if you tell him that is against the law. Hijacking planes is against the law also but I vividly remember 9-11 and it certainly did not stop the evil then nor school shootings and mass killings.

Well then, how do you propose to control evil? Evil must be controlled by the continuous and thorough application of good laws.


So very true. This should be enlarged and posted at the front door of our congress and in each chamber!!!

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