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Gorgeous Autumn crocus

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They're quite large compared to the ones I see in the Springtime!


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Based on some of what I read, this plant is used to make medicines, but is not to be eaten as it's poisonous to people and animals. This is not the plant that has the saffron used in cooking!


Thanks Barb and Ami:))) Now I know:))))


Well, the reason I said that is because it is your site and you may want to research and answer the questions yourself. Rob posed a question to you not to me...LOL I'm glad you are open minded though, thank you.....LOL


Thanks Barb, I'll go check it out, and why would I get mad at you, I have an inquiring mind too!!!!


If you don't get mad at me Ami, I will answer Rob's question.....
Crocus sativus is one and only saffron producing crocus. All other species of crocus do not. And this plant called autumn crocus is not even real crocus, but looks like one. Here is a short write up in Wikipedia:


This was a new one for me Dave, although I think I've seen them growing in someone's yard last year and wondered if they were a true crocus.
Thanks Megabelle!
Thanks Barb!
I don't know but I'll try to find out Robyn!


These are lovely Ami - and I wonder if the stamens give us the saffron like a true crocus?


They are very pretty Ami and a great color...thank you :)


These are Colchicum..common name is autumn crocus or meadow saffron or naked lady...


Thats a name for them but I don't think they are an actual crocus Ami. Their color is rich! I saw some in a yard recently that were pale pink.


It's my pleasure BK! You're very welcome!


They sure are a pretty color! I'm not at all familiar with them so thanks for showing them to me :-)


I didn't know it either wigma, until I came across them last week!


Didn't realize there was such a thing as Autumn crocus.