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Filipiniana dress...

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made of materials used for weaving baskets, we call "Nito" This was on display at Manila International Airport Terminal 4. Wiki has this to say about it...

"The María Clara gown, sometimes referred to as Filipiniana dress, traje de mestiza or simply terno, is a traditional dress worn by women in the Philippines. It is a form of the Baro't saya. It takes its name from María Clara, the mestiza protagonist of the national epic Noli Me Tangere, penned in 1887 by Filipino national hero José Rizal. It has been connected to the María Clara character because of her traits: delicate, feminine, self-assured and with a sense of identity. The María Clara outfit is the only Philippine national attire that is named after a literary figure. Like all Baro't Saya it is traditionally made out of Piña, the same with the Barong of Men."

Grandma who was from a Spanish descent (De Lara), always wore Filipiniana dress even just at home, but generations after her never did.

July 20, 2019
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Good morning Dil, thanks for a lovely piece of art, the textures immediately made me think of the thatched roofs of England.


This is quite beautiful.

Thank you


The dress is so delicate and wonderful to look at. Never seen anything as beautiful as this made with something not fabric.


I could not imagine how on earth could they make such an intricate thing Nicky.


Yes it is Francine. Love reading those exchanges too, they make me learn a lot of things. Welcome.


That's just beautiful. I realised at once this is just an ornament only portraying the style of a dress. The detail is amazing.


Beautiful. Read everyone's comments so understand it's decorative. Thanks.


Thanks TOG, Pat and Taisia.

welcome Ardy.


Love how they made this in a material not used for clothing Jan, Reason why i shared this with you. Welcome and hugs.


It doesn't seemed comfy at all Jill, since this is only a decor not an actual dress to be worn.


Hi Jacki and Jo! No need to worry, this is only a decoration and no actual dress is made out of this material, sorry if i mislead you. Was shocked to see this too, but it's a good art piece, isn't it?




Really lovely. Thanks, Lunie & Didi.


Very unique !!!




Fascinating thanks Lunie, thanks for sharing. Hugs to you both.


It is a gorgeous outfit, but I too wonder about the comfort factor. Very lovely


Hi Lunie, I really love the way this looks. However, I think I'd be doing an itchy dance if I were wearing it. Do you know how it feels? Of course, we are all spoiled and if you are used to wearing this material it's probably not an issue at all.


It does not look so very comfortable. But maybe it is softer than I think. Thanks, Lunie. Fascinating!

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