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Who said my goose is cooked? RUN!

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  1. like921150:38
  2. laurajane0:43
  3. jpitts0:45
  4. ukiepower0:45
  5. pkin380:47
  6. marunka2770:47
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LJ those were my room mates. You got them on a good day. Most of the time they think they are tops.


A doctor of psychology was doing his morning rounds, and he entered a patient's room to find his patient sitting on the floor, sawing at a piece of wood with the side of his hand.

Meanwhile, another patient was in the room, hanging from the ceiling by his feet.The doctor asked his patient what he was doing, sitting on the floor.

The patient replied in an irritated fashion, "Can't you see I'm sawing this piece of wood in half?"

The doctor inquired, "And what is the fellow hanging from the ceiling doing?"

"Oh. He's my friend, but he's a little crazy. He thinks he's a light bulb."

The doctor asks, "If he's your friend, don't you think you should get him down from there before he hurts himself?"

"What? And work in the dark?"


Good one laruajane.... :) :)


LJ you would love it here. You get all the good tasting drinks and everyone is just walking on air and always happy. The drooling is a little excessive some of the time but it is made up by the happy balloon gas in the air. The only thing I am a little unsure of is the funny crooked incense that they burn here but I guess it is OK but some of the guests burn their fingers on the stuff.


Oh PG...I will come visit you..where life is beautiful all the time!


I now have a new curse which to use when mad. "May you go into an endless loop with your internet provider and never return". I am getting closer but then again I was thinking that a few days ago. Yahoo was a problem dropping me in and out of connection and locking up so I figured I would get rid of both of them at one time. HA! I am not going to give up but the men in white coats are knocking on the door so I have to go now.


I've used Yahoo mail for quite a while and have had some minor frustrations, but only one major one - - it decided recently that my password is no good, so every time I shut down the program, I have to reset my password the next time I open it. I have worked around this by never shutting down - - I just turn off the computer without going thru the shutdown procedure. Then, when I boot up again, I get a "Restore" screen that enables me to restore the last session.

I have had a gmail account for about a year or so, but seldom use it, as it seems much less user-friendly to me than Yahoo.


Oh no mimi. That is a serious problem. I have also had friends who have had problems with their yahoo account. So it is a real dilemma.


PG I'm writing about gmail. I've had it for years and it was fine till last Saturday. Then suddenly my regular gmail disappeared and a new one with my name but one I did not create popped up in the place of the one I've had for years. I did everything I could to retrieve my account, I jumped through a million hoops and could not get it back. My calendar and all the things I've been saving are gone. There is no phone # to call for help (or if there is I couldn't find it). Granted I'm not so computer literate, but I'm not stupid and I can follow instructions. I'm going to get a different account at once! I have a yahoo that I use for business stuff, but it's pretty frustrating to lose all my personal stuff. Sorry to rant, but I saw you say you were going to get gmail and I thought I'd better tell my story!


what an awesome shot!!


Did you get everythng resolved, PG? How about you, chickie? Nothng worse than email woes.


Super picture PG, good to see you again.


Beautiful shot PG thanks. I love Canadian Goose


pg, I went through 2 carriers before I got smart and made a gmail account. It took awhile, as I had to change my email address on all outside contacts like amazon etc. It was well worth it, because when I changed carriers for the 3rd time I didn't have to change anything nor did I have to transfer individually all my contacts. Sorry for your server woes.


great shot pg


Another nifty puzzle, PG. Thanx.


Gorgeous photo, PG, -- as always! Thank you!


Excellent shot of de geese... Is that a new species? Technology.... Can't live with it, can't live without it..... AT&T once was a great company.... Beaten into submission they now give the same mediocre service as everyone else... Hope is all works out and doesn't take months ..... :) :)


PS: Gorgeous goosies!


Be sure to save all your emails (that you want to save) if you change carriers. When I changed from Pacbell to cable, I had no idea that I would lose all my emails unless I jumped through a bunch of hoops - - that nobody at Pacbell or anywhere else told me about. Ain't technology grand? (Never did recover any emails from the Pacbell account.) But you're probably more up to date on these arcane matters. In any case, good luck.


Youz shud change yer carrier. Youz habin lotz of problims with yer email. Butt pain iz not kneaded.


Dees geese be heading north. Dees are not da brightest of dem byrds. I have been hacked so I have no e-mail at this time and need to get to ATT and get it fixed. What a pain in the butt.


My computer monitor has them heading east.....but I can turn the monitor a bit to make them head south! :)


If they are smart, they are heading south! But I'm not sure how smart they are.


What direction be dem geeses flying?


Awesome...!!!!! I can't forsee anyone cooking these beautiful geese.


Great to see a picture of a couple of geese that are not cooked!!


Thank goodness your geese are not cooked PG! they are too beautiful to eat them.

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