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Freya - To weed or not to weed, that is the question...

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  1. babray5:13
  2. GrandmaJo5:23
  3. jcat6:07
  4. Impie6:09
  5. soo6:30
  6. Lynetteoz7:26
  7. amf7:47
  8. Legalbeagle8:38
  9. Kayell9:30
  10. Jtomlins10:28


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Yes - that's a Scottish heatwave, Pammi... It's cold in (Old) South Wales!


Wow, your winter sounds like our current heatwave!! :-))


We are doing OK thank you catslave. For the first time in many years, Eric is getting around free of knee pain after his op. How I wish you could have warm weather all the time. 1st of June today, the first day of winter here and would you believe the low this morning was 15° and the max. will be 22°. This weather is so crazy and I am getting around in a sleeveless summer top. Helloooo???? ♥☺♥


Oh, I don't think she planned on doing it herself, Mackintosh, she's a born supervisor!!


You just lay in the sun and mom will do the weeding :-)


Kayell, I'm constantly amazed at how clean she always seems considering how many things she likes to get into! Open cupboards, boxes, bags (empty or full) she just has to get in there!

I agree Impie!

Pammi, the warmer weather does semm to help, thanks! Hope Eric and you are both well.

Lynetteoz, I'm OK. Gotta keep taking the good drugs! ;-)


Lovely to see you again Freya - have missed you. How are you doing catslave?


Beautiful Miss Freya, so long since I have seen you but you are still as gorgeous as ever. Perhaps if you try to think of this greenery as lovely new plants coming up, that might solve your dilemma.
catslave, I do hope things are better for you healthwise these days and perhaps the warmer weather is a bit kinder for you. ♥♥♥♥


Freya, when it's (too) hot it will be best 'not to weed' I guess. ☺♥☺


No, no, no, Freya - you don't want to get those lovely white paws dirty....

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