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I'm glad to know that beautiful Grace is getting good care in your hands. May we ALL be active and happy! -Patsy


beyondwords Thank you for our kind words! Yes, Grace is still a member of our family. She is diabetic and requires insulin daily. Otherwise, she is active and happy.

And a joyful New Year to you as well!

Blue-eyed Grace is gorgeous in this photo that's almost 9 years old. Is she still in your family? Any recent photos?
And what about you, puzzleplease? How are YOU doing?
Wishing you and your family a safe, healthy, joyful Christmas and new year.


You are a pretty girl. Welcome. Sue, Mr.Clyde, Miss Lily & Mimi


retiredwizard-I need the hand action due to a neuromuscular disease. I try to use the muscles in many ways to slow down (hopefully) the degeneration. So, you see, I can justify my jigidi obsession. I am doing therapy! :)


Beautiful blue eyes.
Ms. Speedy I read your comment and laughed. ONCE I made it to the top of the leaderboard and was so excited I took a screenshot of it and saved it. Hahahaha
Jigidi is therapy for me too mentally, but physically??? I just sit here engrossed and my feet swell! Haha One out of two isn't bad.


Oh, jignut, I am glad you had two years of love with Isabelle. How wonderful that you gave her a happy home.


I did this puzzle with tears in my eyes. She looks like my beloved "Isabelle" who was also a rescue. I was looking for a kitten but ended up with a senior cat with a heart murmur. It was love at first sight. She only had another 2 years but I know she was happy and loved to the end.


Thank you Willymon!


MUST solve this beautiful puzzle, thank you so much,


Thank you Pammi! She was a "pound" kitty. I looked for about six weeks to find just the right cat. My family and I were in the SPCA on Valentine's Day about seven years ago and there she was. Pretty kitties in your Avatar, too.


Grace, you are too beautiful for words. ☺☺


Thank you Mrgoodboy. She is my baby.

Pretty baby .

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