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Walking Around The Lake

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Very few visitors are aware that there is a footpath which goes around the entire lake. Property owners are required to maintain a pedestrian right-of-way. This right-of-way doesn't have to be nice, just passable. In some cases the property owner will simply mow the grass, while in other cases the right-of-way was clearly designed by an architect and is beautifully landscaped.
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  4. laurajane0:12
  5. Brie16480:13
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Is that you breathing so hard Brie???? :)


How beautiful ... all carefully irrigated too


Sure, Morris.
It is good on the eyes Floyd.
It is good BK, even though some owners definitely don't like it.....then again, I'm not sure I would enjoy people walking through my back yard neither.


It's nice to know the public still has access to the lake.
LOL Morris, I doubt you'd get away with camping!


Pleasant to see when walking around the lake.


I take full responsibility!!!


Be careful Gracie, don't let Morris lead you astray!!!

Oh My Morris, sounds like you're trying to get me into trouble!!!!

Thanks Fodus Janet and Lunie.


Wow! Not only mansions but flowers too!


I knew that I could count on you, Gracie!!!


Great idea Morris! let's go!


I did not know that lyndee. So if we decide to do the whole 20 miles, can we camp out in any yard we choose to? And if no one is home, we can claim squatters rights for the night? I figure that we could do it in 4 days. Lets do it. Suzy shall lead us. :)


How pretty thanks Lyndee. I'll be away today so just a quick visit. Hugs.



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