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Pineapple 7-31-19

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Wasica......thanks for your comments. However, this was grown by my daughter and was a very slow process. I haven't accomplished any mature ones but have 3 in ground that are looking very healthy........

Did you grow that plant from the top of a pineapple you got at a grocery store? I've grown several over the years but never got one to produce a pineapple when plant was that small or that big of a fruit even on bigger plants.

If anyone is interested in growing a pineapple plant from the top of a pineapple you bought in a grocery - it's easy if you live where it's warm enough (year round out side) or have a window with a lot of light (like a south facing window) as they are tropical and freeze easily. Pick the pineapple at the store by the looks of the top - more than the bottom. One that is getting a bit over ripe is better than one still very green. The top needs to a consistant green but very important is to reach to the small center leaves and gently pull on them (especially if buying during winter). If the center is not 'firm' then it will not grow. Slice the top off straight across with about an inch of the fruit on it. Carefully/gradually slice away the sides of the fruit until you see some little brown 'dots' (these are what will form the roots). Set it aside for a week to 10 days so it can 'callus' (dry so as to not rot from the moisture in the fresh fruit part once planted in dirt). Cut a few of the lower leaves off before planting. Plant in well drained soil, put in a nice well lit window where warm (or during summer - outdoors in a well site) and wait for it to grow - may take awhile. As long as the center leaves stay intact - give it time - they can sometimes be slow to show growth. If the center leaves turn tan/ or lift out very easily - it won't grow so get another one to try. Hope that makes sense - if not ask.