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sillychick/JamaLlama Birthday Today

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I ran out of candles....sorry I didn't have enough! mauhahahahaha

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
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True Story :)


I don't think the world would have been ready for the two of us together!!! LOL


OMG, I wish we grew up 2gether...the Fun & Trouble that we would have had & gotten in2...It's probably best we didn't, we would either be in jail or dead from 1 of our Fun dumb pranks. Butt it's Fun now reading how we both are NOT in jail or dead (yet, *lol*) I would have loved 2 have seen that fake cake, *LOL* :}


You're lucky. I did this for real for a friend of mine. Nearly burnt the house down trying to light them all.
Another 'prank' I pulled was to buy a number of 10" wooden rounds and stack them on top of each other, then frosted it and put candles on it. She tried to cut the cake and could not. She actually thought I 'made' the cake and it turned out hard as a brick! We all laughed sooooo hard. She had a teenage son and brought it home. He was so excited and tried to cut it. She LHAO. The real cake I made was really good. He had a piece of that later!!!! :-))


*LMAO* chuckle chuckle chuckle ...I don't no why ewe didn't have enough candles, all ewe had 2 due is pull them out of ur azz, oops me bad :} Ewe & me r sooooooo funny 2gether...eye don't think any1 else will ever 'get' us, Mauhahahaha... Thx BIG siS, I can ALWAYS count on ewe 2 make me *LMAO* GR8 puzzle btw :}


Hahaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday. :)


hilarious!!!.....but I am glad you are not my friend.......LOL geat puzzle donna


That's a mighty lot of candles, Dj. Party coming in soon (You might want to think about being party planner). Happy birthday everyone whos birthday is today. Have a blessed day


@sillychick @JamaLlama

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