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In 57 hours only!

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  1. icezin0:12
  2. JillianB0:16
  3. chillfiltered0:16
  4. dobrajaneckova0:18
  5. Jackie480:21
  6. Ianto0:21
  7. Deanna0:22
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Well, I was just hesitating whether it would take off or spend the whole journey on the surface? Thanks for the explanation.


Deanna, it is true, for today's standards it is some sort of a joke! And yet, it was considered "fast" at some time in the past!.

Jill, I'm glad you like the vintage poster!

Dobra, it is not a real airplane but a flying boat. They used to have them back then!

Janet, thank you.


When I came round this old poster I was in a very bad shape because October has a lot of sad memories (death of mother 2001, aunt 2017, husband 2021, cat 2021) and I couldn't stop laughing about the 57 hours for reaching Egypt!! It had made my day.


The days of the Flying Boats! Thanks and hugs Marina. ❤️💕


Is it even realistic for a plane to fly so slowly?


57 hours! No thank you. Great poster though. Thanks Marina 🤗


Marina 👍👏


Marina, amazing poster! And that time! You can almost fly around the globe in that amount of time today. Thank you for reminding of interesting historical contexts ♡:))

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