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Textiles - Big Combo - 04

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Finally! This brings the TEXTILES theme to a close. Now we can move on to a new theme. Yea!

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  1. troutmma2:54
  2. mags1793:52
  3. appl3144:14
  4. mamasu4:29
  5. Malika4:36
  6. skpy4:37
  7. serenity4:44
  8. annefar4:53
  9. chrisLDR4:59
  10. minaminame4:59


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Oh... I forgot to mention. My daughter had moved to New England and worked at a resort when she met the 'sound engineer' at a golf tournament they held. Now she's married and living in Folsom and has a couple of beautiful step kids. So... California is big, but that's yet one more connection, lol.


Well Jan. The quotes are fairly easy. I Google "inspiring quotes" or "cartoon quotes" or whatever topic I would like to see. Then, usually I wind up finding the best selection in a website called

As far as creating the kaleidos, I use a free program called GIMP to clean up the images (mostly remove whatever background is in them) and another free program called SUMO PAINT to actually create the kaleido. GIMP has many many tutorials available that you can Google. It's very similar to Photoshop except free instead of several hundred dollars. It's a great program but complicated and has a slow learning curve.

It you ever get serious about trying it, I would suggest friending me on Facebook and I'd be glad to use 'chat' to help you get started.


I would like to know where you get all your interesting quotes. Just read your profile and I have relatives and history in both Quincy and Freeport. Small world. I also am captivated by the puzzle making process but I still am learning computers and programs. Kind of fearful about something new. Thanks for the info. Jan


Well, not spring where I am, autumn and a bit nippy this morning - 32F. But, I'm looking forward to the winter!


Thanks Jan. It's really nice that you took time to comment. I appreciate that!


I always enjoy your puzzles and the quotes at the end. Looking forward to those "new themes"!! I love to follow you and hope I don't miss any! Thanks for all you do! Jan


Thanks Skpy & Dize. And Dize... I may have to come visit you, lol. We've had 9" of snow in the last 4 hours. I understand it's spring down there and you are looking forward to summer. I'm packin' my bags, lol.




Thay have been fantastic. I've saved some for when I have more time. Love the quote, too!

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