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The Fox and the Hound 12

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Tinni is a Norwegian dog that belongs to photographer Torgeir Berge in the forests of Norway. While exploring the woods together they came across a wild fox that they named Sniffer. Although Sniffer has never been domesticated in any way, Sniffer and Tinny became good friends. Now Berge observes Tinni and Sniffer from a distance, and luckily for us he captures their endearing friendship with his camera. Now Torgeir Berge is working on a book called "The Fox And The Dog" with writer Bert Helberg. This experience has changed Berge's mind about the fox-fur trade in Norway , and he hopes to one day ban the hunting of foxes for their fur.
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  4. adevost2:20
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Great picture, and cute story. I certainly hope more people read this, and realize
fur belongs on animals, not people. I think it is a crime to make fur coats or anything,
and when I see people with fur I get really upset.

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