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Boring Puzzle of The Night: Vanilla waffle cone & sweet corn

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Folks and I taking a break today ( actually took two, oops) while doing 52 bags of fresh picked sweet corn picked at my bros farm. He planted a couple acres for the hired help, friends & family. Wow, it's a lot of work. This is tonight's BPofTN. Have fun, Dave
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  1. inny0:48
  2. auntmom70:50
  3. emilym0:51
  4. Navea0:53
  5. Warehouse0:59
  6. pasta1:00
  7. Ianto1:11
  8. jals1:11
  9. jennylmoon1:13
  10. wshealy1:15


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I have never heard of Pickled sweet corn. I did see them make icecream out of corn once on Chopped.




Ooooh. I very much like cake--- just got in from picking/ doing more corn. Time to rest. Thanks, jals. ";"


You too, Dave. I hope you're not having to work in the heat we've got at present. Mid 90's, supposed to hit triple digits this week.
I'll leave the ice cream alone. We had some wedding cake delivered to us last night. Yum!


Back away from my ice cream cone, ladies! I just found out we're doing more corn tomo. It is awful good though. Thanks Jals n pasta. Have good week. D


Yum to both. :)


It is a lot of work, but it sure tastes good during the winter! And the best part is eating some while you're cutting it off the cob. That is a delicious looking cone you have there, I'll hold it for you and just lick the drips. lol
Have a good Sunday, Dave!


Thank you zolly n laska. Have good Sunday, Dave


Ice cream and corn are 2 favourites but I really don't want them both in my mouth at the same time.Right at this minute I'd take the ice cream.


Forget the corn....Gimmee the ice cream....YUM


For sure, mother!-- It's just a store brand vanilla, trust me we've tried several, and it is GOOD. Thanks for playing mother n cevas. ---Have good tomo, Dave


That ice cream looks sooo good !!!
Thank you for the puzzle.

I Like ice cream and corn!!


I had one ear all day, half as much as ice cream cones, yikes. --Jumping off. Thank you red. ";"


Not boring at all; two of my favorite foods, but not together. :)


We saw plenty of corn today, good gosh. Thanks Jenny.-- Enjoy your Sunday, D


Well worth the time and effort! Especially when you pull a bag from the freezer in the middle of winter.

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