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  1. Syke1:24
  2. boston_jack1:27
  3. SoniaR1:30
  4. maziz1:30
  5. racoonstar1:32
  6. Dulsineja1:37
  7. ZereldaV1:54
  8. Tricat1:57
  9. Moneyheffer2:15
  10. jbow2:17


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we did a fewweeks ago. this stray pussy was wandering about our place so hubby decided to put some food out for him or her whatever it is just ussy to us now it comes evey evening for its meal, it is jet black showing no sign of ant other colour... nice little animal so glad we feed it doesn't look any where so slim as it did b4....

All my cats have been black ones. Right now there is Inky, who walked in our back door, jumped on my desk and went to sleep so I guess he adopted us and Ebony who is almost 16 years old and still thinks she is in charge of everything. \
My first black cat, years ago, was Maxangelo, (yes Max, not Michael) and there have been others in between. They are so beautiful.

Sounds like a purrfect "forever home."


when in the day I lie in my coffin waiting for the dark, my wife disappears on her broom for days on end and all kinds of strange things happen around the house, why shouldn't I adopt a black cat,
it fits purrfectly.

I love dogs nearly as much as I do cats. The trait I most admire--and hate!--in cats is that they are independent thinkers. The Princess/Goddess Nyx won't be dissuaded when she decides she wants to do something. I have to outsmart her which is difficult!

boston_jack shucks, motherofsleep44 you found me out...........!..........of course I'm pulling all of your legs............I love cats as a kid at home, we always had black cats, they were my mother's favorite and every night they all would sleep around my head and I'd fall asleep with their loud throbbing purring..................great memories for sure..........although Boston's are a great joy, I can seem to teach them to purr.........they're very stubborn or I have no talent in teaching them to purr.............go figure...........?
...........I've always seen cats as great companions and dogs as great buddies...........they are different...........and that's a good thing because we as people are just as different..........
..........but I love to think of black cats as Halloween all year long............!

Boston Jack, I hope you're joking because, if you aren't, you are one weird dude! My current little black cat is the Princess/Goddess Nyx and she is none of those things on your list.


Sounds like Boston Jack is more of a dog person. We have had many black cats over the years. they rock for sure


I have 2 black cats - Jaguar and Sammy. They are sweet, funny and loyal friends. Jaguar gives high fives, including "up high" and "down low" and Sammy is my little helper. Black cats are not dark and sinister - to the contrary they are a ray of sunshine. Although I love dogs, a cat is a carefree animal that keeps itself clean and doesn't bark!


I owned a black cat, his name was Midnight.

Why would I not? I own straw brooms that don't fly. ladders that could be walked under. Be real folks cats are cats.

I have two and almost always adopt black cats. They are the best. My 10 year old is named Porsche (spelled like the car because I always wanted a black one and this was the only way I'd have one). The baby is Kevin, just because he looks like a Kevin. He was dumped at about 4 months old. What's wrong with people?


...........never............they are sinister, vicious, malicious, malevolent, demonic, devilish, diabolic, diabolical, fiendish, dark, black-hearted, wicked, nefarious, sinister, pernicious, malignant, foul, filthy, vile............and they smell rancid...........!


In a heartbeat!


A cat is a cat and yes! We have been living with an adopted black cat for 17 years and hoping for 18. She was a stray.


Not a question at all! I had a black cat many years ago which I "adopted" from a neighbour by giving him better treats than the food he got at home. :D


What a question! Black cats rock!!!

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