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Collage of my Gazanias

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All are different and blooming in my back garden.
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Thanks, nancy :-))

Thank you, dhi, I think so too, it's so much fun. She'll start creating Christmas cards around August/September and I've never discard any of her cards, but gave them to someone who collects them!☺

Thank you, Olya, it's my pleasure. It's good to see you again! Hope all's well with you and your family !♥


So pretty! Thank you for sharing your lovely garden with us, Impie!


I am very sure she will appreciate it. I have been doing cards for years and they are appreciated.


Perfect. :D


Thank you, Nan, dudicat, Anne, Lynetteoz and GG for your lovely comment to my collage. I'm glad you enjoyed it ☺♥☺

Thanks, Nancy. My cousin's wife herself is very creative and her hobby is making cards for any occasion, by hand. I'm sure she'll appreciate my effort of creating a card for her with my own photos. I chose a 'double' card so the photo is at the front and I have personal text printed for her birthday on the inside of the card.
In small letters at the bottom of the inside I mentioned it was my own photo! :-)))


Great idea, Impie! They make a lovely "birthday bouquet", especially as they're from your garden. I'm sure she'll enjoy the card. :-))


What a great collage, Impie! Beautiful flowers, arranged so nicely in this puzzle! Thank you!!


Stunning Impie and all the colours are so vivid!! I love them all :-)


Wildly pointy and absolutely gorgeous!

Gorgeous flowers, thank you!!


what a feast for the eyes!


@calluna - Nancy, ...the other day when I posted the two flowers in the (bigger) photo, you mention it would be a nice Autumn notecard.
FYI, I created a card online (at Greetz) for my cousin's wife. It's for her birthday this Saturday!:-)


Thank you so much, Faye. It's a bit of a challange, but I hope you'll enjoy solving it! ♥♥♥


Love, love, love this! Gorgeous! And definitely bookmarked. ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you, budlia, I'm glad you like the flowers and enjoyed my puzzle :)

Thanks, dhi. Gazania is such a cheerful flower and they come in various colours and pattern. Thanks to the mild winter we had, all plants of last year have survived! Glad you like my presentation! :)

Thank you, nillie, I'm glad you could easily make your choice this time... LOL Yes, they are all beautiful and in the sunlight they just seem to 'shine'.
Thanks and good night ♥♥

Thanks, Nancy. The two large ones, were in my puzzle the other day, they grow in one plant!! I actually wanted to post the dark one as a single one for my collage, so I went downstairs with my camera, but it had already 'closed' for the night, so I chose to present it like this in my collage! :-))
The pure orange ones are indeed very catching, they are slightly bigger flowers than in any other colour. :-))


Great colors and patterns. Love the two large ones, but the pure orange one at the top, second one in, caught my eye. :-))


Very beautiful design and veriety...So it'svery easy to decide that...all are my favorites:-)))
Thanks Impie and good night♥♥


What a beautiful flower, thank you for all of the presentations.

Lovely. They are such a cheerful flower. thank you for the picture\

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