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The Face of Layla

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bujal - you have made some puzzles I would not want my children spending time on. I understand a person puts their own filters on, not the puzzle creator - please tell me if I'm wrong.

This came to me two days ago ...

i bet if this was a 70yr old woman, same exact expression, the OP would probably comment on how beautiful she was.
catapult, i hope this doesn't discourage you from creating more puzzles. yours happen to be my fave! i prefer full on face without busy backgrounds. so, many thanks for all the great puzzles!


Thanks, Milena, NOW I understand whats it all about and am in the loop.

I think that this person should not be using Jigid - next thing she'll be complaining about animals and flowers. Lets hope he or she goes away, and don't indulge her or him.(❀ᴗ❀)




@kernow I fully agree with you, I don't know where "mamagin" lives ... but in Europe we try to get our children used to life and everything they can find.
And as I repeat ... on TV and in the newspapers there are such scandalous photos that I blush ... or the lady does not have a TV and the child does not pass through the streets near the newsstand? And he doesn't look at people on the streets? And never goes to the pool or the sea?


There is nothing seductive other than a rather pretty woman with her face in full view. I can only think of two reasons to object to this puzzle. One is the objector considers herself unattractive and wishes to deny anyone deemed more attractive, or two, the objector desires the full implementation of sharia law and absolute control over everyone.


Are you serious? There is nothing seductive about this picture. It's just a beautiful face. Anything beyond that is purely in your head, and will not be in your 11yo's head.

Do you avert their eyes from TV, movies, and from looking at attractive people in the street?!

God help you - summer's coming, and people WILL be dressed seductively on the streets, in the parks, and on the beaches. Please. Stop being so overprotective - it does nobody any favours, least of all the child who will one day be aware of and have to deal with all that life throws at them.

In fact, teach the child about the difference between sexuality and nudity. Be open and honest about orgasms. sex toys, and the strange things that people do, and why. That child is going to hit puberty in a year or two, and will be utterly unprepared.

I have looked around, and do not see a way to block specific puzzle creators.

This is a beautiful young lady. However, my 11 year old uses this site, and I don't want seductive pictures to be available to her on this website. Do you know how I can block you? No offence, but this is not really a family oriented post.