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What Cures Coronavirus

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well in Ontario, all liquor stores are government owned, so I guess they want the money! Same thing with the Beer store. Although you can buy wine and beer in the grocery stores now, but they remain open too of course.


@rascalthecat That's so funny! XD Where I live, sale of alcohol is prohibited after 10.30pm daily!


the ontario premier said that as of tomorrow all non-essential businesses will be closed. But that the liquor stores will be open.


@morepiecesplz Beer! I guess that might be a basic necessity for some! XD


@ammy - nothing like this! Perhaps some people buy extra, but it's always water, bread, batteries, gas (cars and generators), and often beer...


@lovesgulls I suppose everyone is now baking their own bread at home? XD And you're welcome!

@morepiecesplz Do they hoard TP during hurricane threats too? Would be interesting to know!

@hrichrod Proof that people weren't thinking rationally when they bought all that TP! Here, people are attracted by free parking!

Interestingly enough - now people are trying to BRING BACK some of those giant purchases of toilet paper -- ! But of course the stores will not accept them... we heard this from a Costco friend... We are still OK here in rural places (in Washington State) for fruit & veg - that seems to be untouched. The pasta is entirely gone and some other canned goods, but not all.
Unfortunately thousands of people (from Seattle, urban places) decided to "go to the beach" for the weekend, now the town of Westport and the Quinault Indian Nation have closed. Well, if one ever wants to stimulate tourism - tell everyone to stay home. They'll arrive in droves!


I live with hurricane threats - every year we go through a version of this shopping. We almost always lose power, yet people load up on frozen food... they don't think rationally because they're afraid.


It seems to be the same problem all over the world! People are hoarding toilet paper like crazy and not ONLY toilet paper. Right now we cannot buy flour in Northern Germany, so weird. I am hoping for a learning experience, too. It's a good and so true joke! Thank you!


Maybe there can be a learning experience in this. Americans might stop being UNaware of the very existence of the BIDET. There are many kinds of BIDET solutions on the market, some as inexpensive as $10. Using toilet-clogging amounts of toilet paper is tantamount to cleaning one's body with rolls of dry paper towels! The Scott and Charmin' people won't like it much, but Mother Earth will LOVE it, and everyone will enjoy being good and truly clean after visiting the toilet. The End.


Put simply, they're scared. They didn't know what to do and saw someone else load up and did the same. There's comfort in doing the same as everyone else. They're probably home now tripping over their stacks of TP, wishing they'd shopped differently, but that's how humans behave. Masks and gloves are not needed unless you have a sick person in the house you're caring for. Wash your hands often. If you use "assistance" like a cane, walker, or wheelchair, clean the hand grips, too. And take a deep breath and try to relax - stress weakens your immune system. Best wishes.


At my stores there is plenty of toilet paper but no face masks or disposable gloves.
No pasta, rice and beef, pork and chicken very scarce. Cereal is another item that is selling out. Still don't understand why most bought so much toilet paper


I have not seen toilet paper for two weeks. Have not seen kleenexes for one week. And now no paper towels either.

Interestingly, my grocery store has run out of only my favorites:

yellow flesh potatoes
Sweet onions
canned lentils, kidney and white beans

Also, Tylenol for fever is gone. Lots of Advil.

I think people are cooking at home now and the suppliers have production geared for a society that eats in restaurants.

Still, where is all the toilet paper?

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