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18.36.54, Connecticut, USA Side View

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Not a single exterior surface is the same and the house appears completely different from every angle. The mirror finish means the appearance of the house constantly changes too, adapting to reflect its surroundings.
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  1. AllFons2:11
  2. tnjflint2:55
  3. Bill_I_Am3:11
  4. plsilk3:20
  5. kenb3:33
  6. bjrod3:49
  7. Donnajennifer4:03
  8. patw4:03
  9. chamova19694:30
  10. Plumpossum5:49


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You're just way to sensitive Plum but now that you mention it kind of looks like one of those battle robots my grandsons are always trying to design.
Pat, It isn't failed. I think the boys would be thrilled with this fold.
How on earth did you resurrect this one Plum. This was almost a year ago.


It looks kinda hostile to me.


From this angle, it looks like the end result of a kid's failed attempt at folding a paper airplane. :-) Thanks, Tim.

I agree that it doesn't really fit the site but it wouldn't fit in any site Coco73. It shouldn't have any problem with rain or snow as all of the surfaces are sloped and there is nowhere for the rain and snow to accumulate. FLW design's had flat roofs and the tarring eventually failed causing leaks. They didn't have membranes in those days. I wouldn't feel comfortable to live here either but I do think it is an amazing design.
rjh - I can't even begin to think what that would be like. It said it is made of glazed copper sheets. Probably even a hard rain would be deafening.
Thanks to both for checking in.


I wonder what a hail storm sounds like.

You can see more views of Liebeskind's house here
I find it depressing and a little nerve-wracking. One angled feature in the house might have been a refreshing addition, but this is too much. It doesn't fit the landscape. I wonder how all of those angles hold up in the Connecticut snow and rain. One of the complaints about Frank Lloyd Wright's designs was that often they leaked.

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