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The Last Chair With No Cat Hair - Sigh :)

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48 pieces
36 solves
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  1. Syke1:48
  2. iwalkden19632:09
  3. rndixon2:17
  4. donlise2:27
  5. Carol662:28
  6. dartagnan2:28
  7. yarnover2:29
  8. quilt652:50
  9. Impie2:53
  10. racoonstar3:02


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You are welcome Quilt 65! I have several items (coffee cup, small and large signs) that say, "A House is Not a Home Without a Cat". :) I believe that!


Cats rule right! Pretty kitty. You just have to love them. Our latest shelter cat is still afraid of me. She waits til I leave the area before she goes to the food. Love seeing cats in puzzles. Thank you for this one.


Yes, it is true, he is my furry little sweetheart. ;)


Just because he's your sweetheart ;-)


Jaklien, he has an eye for anything I would rather not have him get on......but, I am a sucker for anything he would like to do. ;)


Peyton has an eye for beauty and comfort ☺


Sally, the "PAW" strikes again!

Nice work Payton! I love the way your paw has claimed the last cushion!




Yes, Porgy, very comfy. Tisketsmom, it is a huge chore to get to ALL the chairs. Impie, indeed someone has to do it and he stood up for the challenge! ;)


Yeah, Payton, it's hard work but somebody gotta do it :-))))


My word Paton, you've had to work pretty hard to get round ALL the chairs. Time for a nap now?


Uh oh! Payton looks VERY comfortable there Carol!

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