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Tane Mahuta

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Tāne Mahuta is a giant kauri tree (Agathis australis) in the Waipoua Forest of Northland Region, New Zealand. Its age is unknown but is estimated to be between 1,250 and 2,500 years. It is the largest kauri known to stand today. Its Māori name means "Lord of the Forest".

The tree is a remnant of the ancient subtropical rainforest that once grew on the North Auckland Peninsula. Other giant kauri are found nearby, notably Te Matua Ngahere. Tāne Mahuta is the most famous tree in New Zealand, along with Te Matua Ngahere. It is thought it was discovered (by Westerners, as it was already known to Maori) and identified in the 1920s when contractors surveyed the present State Highway 12 route through the forest.

Trunk girth 13.77 m (45.2 ft)
Trunk height 17.68 m (58.0 ft)
Total height 51.2 m (168 ft)
Trunk volume 244.5 m3 (8,630 cu ft)
Total volume 516.7 m3 (18,250 cu ft)[1][4]
measurements taken in 1971
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What a wonderful old tree!!!
Thank you Phyllis for the picture and the information.
: ))


I was then and am now... but just getting ready for bed.


Good afternoon, Phyllis. I notice you're presently online. ☺


Yes, Majestic indeed, Francine. We went to see it once, when our children were much younger, the walk through the forest is amazing, but then the NZ bush is lovely.

Thanks Rettch, if you are ever in NZ, this is a must, for all visitors.

Yes Luni, that old! one has the feeling that one stands with time when you stand beneath at it's huge trunk, and look up. I wonder3ed then as I wonder now just who planted it, or was it result of birds dropping seeds. I have Kauri seeds in my seed box, I must do something with them sometimes. Just not in our section which is very small.

I'm glad you've seen it Janet, which reminds me, do you like Janet or Jan? I see you get both names. The Bay of Islands is a wonderful place to learn the history of New Zealand. The first missionaries landed here. Len's Great Grandfather married a Maori girl, on the beach at Russell and Bishop Pompellier married them. The girl and her child drowned though as they went in a canoe across the Bay.


Majestic tree.


Thanks for the picture and the info, cilco. A huge and impressive tree. It certainly would be well worth seeing.


Amazing...that old? How many generations of people have come and gone and yet this tree is still standing strong. Thanks for educating us once again Phyllis!


Phyllis, great to see it. Yes we've been to the Northland and seen Tane Mahutua. A huge and majestic tree. Thanks so much, hugs to you my friend ♥

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