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Goofie: Yesterday I was veeeeeee-ry brave

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Mrs & Mr Gemstone were here with us yesterday and as they entered my home they managed to get a glimpse of me before I rushed to the loft.
After lunch they went sightseeing The Hague with mum and Big Big Bro and auntie J. and they also went to Scheveningen. They all had a lovely day♥
Before they went sightseeing mum had given them a garden tour as a surrogate for me☺
In the meantime whilst they were all away I had the time to sniff around where everyone had been sitting and also been walking in the garden☺☺

After they got back I was still upstairs and when they were having dinner I decided to come down and I show myself to them. I was very relaxed so they managed to have a good look at me, then I walked to my scratch board where I had a little scratch and yawn before I (very relaxed again) walked upstairs to have a nap!!!
I did not only surprise Mrs & Mr G. but I also very much surprised mum and my Bros by doing this!
All in all it was a very lovely and special day for everyone!!!♥
P.S. they brought me a lovely little catnip beaver and I've played with it already♥♥
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  2. GrandmaJo3:29
  3. babray3:46
  4. rhjrgj3:54
  5. Impie4:03
  6. schutkleur4:07
  7. lindaleigh4:11
  8. thebetterhalf4:12
  9. MFraser4:19
  10. _k8_4:45


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Dank je schutkleur, maar ik heb wel iedereen verbaasd doen staan, dat het er ook nog 'uit kwam' ! ♥♥♥


Dat is héél erg dapper van je Goofie!!! Maar ik wist wel dat je het in je had♥♥♥


Thank you all for stopping by to also 'get a glimpse of me' and for admiring my courage. ♥

Rebecca, I think you're probably right, we figured the same. Big Bro stayed at home and he told us that Goofie had sniffed everywhere so he probably had saved all the smells in his system so there were no 'new' scents to be afraid of later that day.;)

Hi Faye, we're so glad you enjoyed your visit like we all did too. When Goofie did come down the stairs one could hear a pin drop ☺☺☺, I think it most certainly was the highlight of an already perfect day♥♥


That is great news Goofie & very brave of you. Also a lovely surprise for your visitors ❤️


Hooray for Goofie! Perhaps his new svelte look makes him feel like he wants to show himself off more!


Wow, what a perfect day was had by all. Faye, I am dripping with envy that Goofie did a complete turnaround and made himself available to you. Yes, you must have been blessed by angels. Well done.

Impie, I am so glad you all had such a lovely day. What a wonderful experience for all of you.

It is such fun to actually meet Jigidi people in the flesh. Eric and I met up with Neville (ulangariver) and his lovely wife Marge three weeks ago when they were up here on holiday. They travel north each winter to get away from the cold of Sydney. They were staying at Coolum Beach just a bit south of us and we all met up for coffee and spent a few hours chatting away like mad. It was a most enjoyable day for us all. ♥♥


Very well done, Goofie. And I agree you tell a story well, indeed! nan


Surely you know how to tell a story Impie.
I read it not only with interest ,but with great curiosity to find out what really happened in the end.
Good surprise...


how lucky Mr and Mrs Gemstone were to get to even be in the same room, however briefly!!!! And lucky you that they admired you so very much.....and how pleased they were to get a whiff of you as well....I loved the way my cat was like rosewood....


Aaaaand we saw his beautiful green eyes, his very kissable face, and the white tip of his tail with the whisper of black! We didn't dare breathe! ;DDD

Goofie was indeed very brave! He slowly glided down the steps, accepted ear scratches from Bro', contemplated going out but instead turned, and looked Mr G. In the eye (I'm so jealous!!!), had a few sniffs...and I thought that was going to be it. Buuuuut to our surprise Goofie strolled over to his scratching post for a big stretch and a huge yawn, and then sauntered upstairs. Everyone then resumed breathing! LOL

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day and I just wanted every Goofie lover to know that either Hell has frozen over...or we were blessed by angels. Thank you Impie et al for a treasured memory. XOXOXO


I am sooo jealous! And you had charge of the entire house by yourself?? You're really becoming a responsible young man. I'm sure the guests were amazed at your scratching abilities. :)

(Impie, do you suppose they were acceptable because their smell was already in the house when they returned? Could your best friend drop off a small pillow or shirt with her smell on it, then visit later or the next day??)


Oh Goofie I'm so pleased Mrs & Mr G have seen you and how lovely of them to bring you a present ♥

Hi Impie, it sounds like you all had a good time ♥ I noticed some puzzles of the Isle of Man a few weeks ago and left a message on one of them. The lady who is on Jigidi was on a tour holiday with her hubby and were staying in Douglas. They intend to come back here so if she contacts me to let me know when I may meet up with her ☺


Goofie, you are so eloquent. It sounds like Mum and everyone else had a grand time. I'm so glad you, Goofie, decided to enjoy the day no matter what. No wonder you are Jigidi players's favorite cat!


Impie, this is so funny. Payton doesn't like guests much either........but, if he is totally ignored he makes his presence known and almost becomes a public nuisance. Of course, one attention is turned his way he walks off, tail in the air! Tell Goofie he was a good boy.


You clever, brave boy, Goofie - you do look remarkably pleased with yourself!

I wish you'd have a word with Sophie. She went into total panic mode when my cousin called in the other day. Little does she know that there are several lots of visitors lined up in the near future, some of them staying for a few days....

You were so brave, Goofie! Meeting new people is never easy but you did it anyhow! Congrats!!!

I'm so impressed... And very glad that Goofie is dipping a paw in the pool of public appearances. Maybe, once he relaxes into his fame, he will consider a world tour... There will always be a welcome for him in East Sussex!

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