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Honey is apprehensive in her new home.

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Honey is "hiding out" under the kitchen table. This the first place she went to when we brought her home from the rescue shelter. Today, she runs the house :) Give a rescue dog a chance. Honey is bright, sweet and a real love bug. Oh yeah, she's also gained 15 pounds.
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Beautiful dog. Love her face!

Krásný pes. Ona miluje med? Můj pes miluje vlašské ořechy.

A beautiful dog. She likes honey? My dog loves walnuts.


Hi lambchop, Your Honey is a stunning girl. How old is she? How wonderful that you found each other. My pets are all rescues / hard luck stories. I feel so lucky to have them in my life. My Isabelle likes to be under the kitchen table and bed as well. It makes her feel safe. Jill


Such a beautiful girl - I'm so glad you adopted her. Every dog deserves a happy home.


So sweet she is! Rescue dogs often have (psychic) problems, trauma's. But it is wonderful the way they respond to love, care and security! My Bambi is a rescue too. She has her problems, but we rescued each other! (I got her the day after the funeral of my husband, in a hard winter with high snow and cold. She forced me to get up, go out for LONG COLD walks, follow a schedule ....!)


Honey is, indeed, a beauty. And you are 100% correct . . . it's amazing how quickly they adapt (read that: run the house). Per the message I left in response to one of your kind comments on Tallulah, I think we are both blessed and as I have said before: With rescues, it is difficult to determine precisely who has rescued whom! They enrich our lives so very much.


Your Honey is a beautiful dog and with my dog a lot alike. My Bob is also from a rescue shelter. Hello Jarka


Dogs are so smart, she seems to have picked the right people to go home with.


Memories of bringing Bonnie home - she would hide out in the crate we had to put up for her (what she was used to). When we could finally put the crate away, how good we felt. She finally knew that she was in a "forever" home. It takes a little while for them to feel safe and secure in a loving home but once they do, oh those rewards are so great aren't they lambchop? Passing on ear scritchies and cuddles to Honey and will toss that ball for her if she likes to play! ;-D


She is beautiful, lambchop and kudos to you for rescuing her ! Of course I am partial to her colors ... almost like a wonnabe Bernese ! ;=)


Great adoption. Finally there will be enough love :-) ))) Thank you very much , wonderful dog :-)))))

How wonderful of you to adopt such a sweet, dog. She needed you and vice versa. Good luck and happiness


Hi Yvonne and Sam - yes, I think she knows she is finally home. Hugs to Sam


Sweet, dear Honey. You see her thinking: "too good to be true. I will wait and see". I'm so glad she knows now it's true and that she belongs to you! That she is finally home! Such a sweet face! She really did gain a few pounds! It suits her! Great picture! Thank you Lynn! :))


Cookiequeen - she is a wonderful dog. Many out there waiting to be rescued.

Maegi - Yes, she is safe :)


Hi Honey, don't be worrie, you're safe now I think ;-)


Congrats on your rescue adoption! She looks like a wonderful dog.

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