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Figment 103

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For those among us who are challenge challenged.
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  1. marcelo_b1:05:07
  2. mlddmm1:09:05
  3. Boersma881:12:08
  4. GoldenCat1:19:11
  5. cihil1:22:05
  6. gardenho1:22:11
  7. missfit1231:28:26
  8. foxymoron1:30:19
  9. luismnf1:30:56
  10. mariepaule451:33:05


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Doofus ☺




Never? Not even us whom you trust? Tell us over brekkie but that is so far away on the horizon we'll have forgotten by then LOL. Lulu can tell us!
Nothing untoward has been ingested, I assure you, Sweet Spuddie... unless you count organic fresh fruit & veg from Whole Food? To prove my non-hallucinatory diet is quite usual I shall post an ordinary non-figmented puzzle today ☺ ♥ ♥


I'm never going to tell anyone how long that took me! No one knows except my dog!! But I do worry about you when you post puzzles like this - wonder what you've been eating!!!


☺& ♥ ♥


Totally love that description Chrissie! Thanks (*~*)


Thanks, Anne! That happy little sea creature would be the variegated Celtic Knotii mollusc. Rarely seen these days and mostly in the waters off the South Oz coast around Port Lincoln and only at the full moon when there's a letter q in the month. I guess we're lucky to have found one here! ♥ ♥


Hey, you're welcome, Sharon! You surely know how to spin out the fun time ☺

Between thee and me there is another one about ready to go; much like the splotchy one you liked from ages ago :-) Set aside a few days, buddy LOL.


Thank you, AnnieAnnie ☺


Great puzzle Foxy. Now who is that happy little sea creature? Looks like a seal-type face with a rather flat, but very pretty undercarriage. (Under the green cloud if you're not sure which section) Thanks (*~*)

Oh thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!! This was HARD but oh so fun! I worked on it sporadically for several days to get the most enjoyment......loved it!!


(((hugs))) ((smile)) +++Thanks++



LOL... you do make me laugh!

Thanks. I kind of thought so but did not to seem smug.


LOL... I love it when there's a WOW! I felt you would appreciate that comment - it so applies to you ☺
Thank you!

WOW! Was I ever challenged but love it. You certainly are creative. I like your comment that pops up when the last piece was put in.


So... you didn't forget already LOL

Just kidding, mi amiga. ♥ ♥ to you both


Love you too, foxy, but you already know that.


So the usual suspects are here! Having known some of you for years I expected you to be here. None of you is stubborn... exactly... BUT you do like to challenge yourselves :-)

Thank you all for enjoying my weird figments of imagination. While I was doing this one I drew some more odd shapes for more figments. Have to love that Apple pencil - drawing with a mouse is a bigger challenge than solving LOL.

Yes, staying safe and healthy and all is going well for the both of us. Janet, if it's that bad a dream maybe telling us will dissolve it in your memory! I hope future puzzles are like pleasant dreams for you ☺

♥ ♥ to you all.


That looks just like a bad dream I had, which I'll tell you all about - some other time ! Thanks for the effort you put into these puzzles - can't resist them ! Cheers, Janet

Glad to see another challenge puzzle; look forward to working it. Hope you are healthy and staying safe!


LOL on your ending message, Foxy. Yes, this was a challenge. Yes, I liked it. You beat me by a whole 20 minutes.

I hope all is going well for both of you.


Thanks foxy==haven't seen one of these for awhile--thank you!!


Here you go, Sharon! Have fun ☺


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