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Halloween Gumdrops! (small)

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  1. feistyfreddy2:04
  2. javasage2:04
  3. Abolvig2:12
  4. life22:14
  5. slp5272:20
  6. monicaarmintrout2:26
  7. sue12:32
  8. jaefer2:43
  9. nala22:48
  10. rockbit2:50


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You are so welcome, Pat!


Love it thanks


Sue and Francine - It was the greatest costume. I split the outfit right down the middle and that included the hat and shoes. The black side had bats and spiders all over it in silver glitter and spiderwebs with spiders and my face was green with black lipstick and hair. The White side had sparkly golden blonde hair and the dress was covered with gold suns and moons and the hat had a cat on it. Make up exaggerated normal with gold glitter makeup.

Someone stole the hat while I was out dancing! Too funny!


Jan, that's great costume/make-up. Hope there was a party to go with it as it would be a shame to waste that fantastic look.


Yummy little puzzle, thanks Jan. 2:32


Adorable new avatar, cute as can be.


Thanks, is Halloween, after all, and I was literally 1/2 good with and 1/2 bad witch. It was a fun costume!


Hi Jan I was having a last look at Jigidi before going to bed and had to drop in and tell you that I love your new and very adequate avatar. LOL Have a nice evening and good night. :))


Hanne, Chocolate is truly manna from Heaven! Dark chocolate has even proven to be beneficial to our health! However, it didn't make good kaleidos!
Glad you enjoyed this without getting sick. If I got sick with gumdrops, it would be from eating too many!!


Somehow I like those ones, but the colours in them give me headache!! Really unfair!! But if I have a chance to choose I like something with chocolate and especially if it is filled with something nice!! The very good thing about the kaleidoes is that you can enjoy them without being sick!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Sorry, Hester. I am giggling at the image of you licking the computer screen! LOL
Thanks so much! My favorite Halloween snacks are the mini-chocolate bars like Snickers and Baby Ruths. But, there was NO WAY that I could puzzle that!


Thanks TG - We can gobble it right up with no effect on our hips! Yay!


Now that I am detoxed and a good girl ( Ha! How long will that last?? ) I wasn't slowed down by dribbling and drooling and nibbling at the puzzle! And a lovely little tricky treat it is for Hallowene! Thanks Jan!


That was a blast! Thanks jiggy


The image of the gumdrops in the center was used to make all of the surrounding mosaics.

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