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Red boat

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Red boat in Maine
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Hi Freerangechicken, Happy Easter :)
That’s interesting about McDonalds in Maine ! I hope to go back there, one of these days. I’m glad you enjoyed my gentle puzzle :)

Teagardener - a piece of trivia I have remembered from visiting Maine is that McDonalds in Maine is the only place where you can buy a lobster burger! A gentle puzzle - thanks.


I've always wanted to go to Maine, I LOVE boats but have never been on one in my life! One of these days I'll do it. We live in Henderson too, not too far from Lake Mead, you'd think I'd have been on plenty of boats but can't swim all that well! Maybe if I wear a safety vest I'll try it out some time. Monica ♥


@MarinaNephele thank you, I like the red boats too!

@silverfox19134 Good morning Linda, my apology, your comment is just now on the screen, I’m not sure why it was delayed . . A late ‘Thank You’ for your sweet comment :) Have a good Friday!


Beautiful red boat and surroundings. Thanks.


Hi Tea. Loved the assortment of boats you posted. I wish I had visited Maine. We love
really love lobsters. I posted two new pictures about plants for you. Hope all is well. It's a lazy kind of day, just to sit back, read a good book or watch an old movie. Enjoy the rest of the day Linda


Interesting. Thanks. I thought it was somewhere in Scandinavia.


Hi @mtomlins, thank you for working the puzzle :) I’ve never been to Nova Scotia, but I hear it’s very pretty! Have a good weekend . .

Cape Islander. Might just as well be in Nova Scotia, except the houses are too fancy.


Hello @Susie_Shrew, I traveled thru so many harbors in Maine, my apology that I can’t recall the town. But I remember all the lobster traps, painted buoys and the houses on stilts . . All very new to me, I’m from Tennessee :) Thank you for working my puzzle!


Lovely. Where is this?

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