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,,,πŸ„ε½‘ Mushrooms ε½‘πŸ„,,,

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Boletus reticulatus
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  1. JillianB0:17
  2. Robbos0:17
  3. Kristinka0:21
  4. dobrajaneckova0:22
  5. SuperT0:26
  6. pavla70:26
  7. Ianto0:28
  8. Blokjeagogo0:28
  9. Valor10:29
  10. Alta80:29


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Marina, I'm so glad you came to see "my" mushrooms, thank you πŸ„β™₯:))


Love your mushroom collection..


Gail, this mushroom is not poisonous, on the contrary, it is one of the best mushrooms, it has a very good taste and a beautiful smell, it is very popular ... and as you can see, It is also very attractive for snails ... LOL πŸ„β™₯:))


Poisonous or not, someone found this tasty! πŸ˜‰


Yes, Judy, some little snail had a good lunch ... and he still had a big chunk left for the next day. Thank you for coming to today's "mushrooms", one of those photos is a bit blurry, but I gave them despite the lack, I hope it doesn't matter too much. I wish you a nice day πŸ„β™₯:))


Some little snail nibbled here.

Amazing photos today. :-)

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