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Lawnmower fun

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Not sure what the neighbor guy was doing with the lawnmower here? Have fun, Dave


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He was running low on fuel or as was suggested earlier ...low on beer ;0)


That’s very cool dd. — I too believe there was some form of alcohol involved? Ha he. Thank you Plump, Merrie, Wanda, pasta n dd. Have a good Friday, D


I used to have a pretty big front yard, out in the country....sometimes I'd get bored, so I'd mow a big old happy face on it. Or, right around the 4th-of-July, I figured how to "mow" in a "Happy 4th" on it. Got lots of nice comments on it!


Hahaa, neither was he. :)


Testing his new blades out? Thanks, Dave! Wanda

Looks like there was drinking involved...or he was mowing while swatting at a bee? It would be fun to hear his story on this. ha ha ha!
Have a good night, D. --M


Maybe he just had one too many slugs of rum...?


Any guess is a good guess red. Who knows? Thanks red, D


Superman emblem?