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  1. caanan1:50
  2. kaz12:00
  3. Anoon2:04
  4. carolynjoy7102:13
  5. chrisso2:40
  6. flmiller12:50
  7. katmar2:51
  8. iwashere2:53
  9. yroets2:58
  10. eventure2:59


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But if they can make you feel better........... might just be a good idea LOL


Kathy, I might have to...but I hate doctors. lol


Ms Wendy, :-) You wouldn't want to consider going to the doctor with that fever would you? LOL

PJ, LOL sometimes things just happen LOL Glad you enjoyed the delightful angel LOL


Dear Kathy - this is the funniest, warmest and most interesting angel I've seen. Yes, I agree with Wendy - a wonderful design!


Hi Ms. Kathy- it's easy to give you support and encouragement....because I love seeing the new puzzles you produce. It's definitely worth the trip over here. :-)

My hand is not getting any better and I'm thinking about chopping it off. lol
I don't know what I have...except that I do know I have a constant cough and fever. The cough comes from smoking over the years, but the fever is something I'm clueless about.


Well hellow Ms Wendy :-) I was just thinking about you and was wondering how you were getting along? Is your hand any better? How about the flu?

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Please know that it is very much appreciated!!!


Hi Kathy! This is a wonderful design! :-)

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