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Cat shaming series

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Not my cat. Not my fault if it is stuck. :)
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Good idea. :)

Lets get him unstuck and worry about the drain cover later.------------Molly



One of my cat's name is JJ, and you wouldn't find her anywhere near where water comes out.........Wendy

Could be!

Is he just pretending to sleep, to me it looks like he exhausted himself trying to get away from the drain cover...

Some in this series seem that way, scanjockey. As long as people find them funny, it doesn't matter. :)


Cat shaming??/?? Looks mostly like owner shaming.

Glad you are enjoying them, ozabby. Cats are great con artists. :)

Payback for the noise he made, Val. :)

How do you "ask" a cat to stop something? :)

He did manage to get her out of bed so score 1 for JJ and 0 for the human, Sherry. :)

TY, Fredde. :)


Another good one!

I take it JJ wasn't the bright bulb of the litter...Sherry :)))


Lol, she asks him to stop?? Yeah, that works! :) Sounds as if JJ has been in these situations before...


Does not look very comfortable!

I am so enjoying the Cat shaming series! About time we exposed these shysters ! =D

He's sleeping even if his owner isn't. :)


Not a comfy position! Serves that rascal right! :o)

Probably what will happen. Hard to give up a new toy. :)


He says, "I'll just pretend I'm asleep (in this aweful position) till mommy goes back to bed, Then I'll keep playing with the drain cover!!" -- CArol

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