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On a rural road in Tennessee . .

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The day before all the snow melted, groups of deer were easy to spot :)
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Thank you Marina, I’m glad you liked it :)


Beautiful photo and deer. A rare shot. Thanks.


Thank you again, have a good night.


. . I’m smiling Carmen, the room sounds beautiful!


Thank you so much. I wish I can send you pictures of my guest room. I have nature pictures, bedspread, and lamps. I was looking for some finishing touch when I saw your puzzle. It is perfect, just was I was looking for.


Hello Carmen, how have you been? I’m happy you like the deer photo and of course you can copy it for your guest room, I’m honored :) A Jigidi friend of mine sent me a photo of some sheep and with her permission, I printed it to put in a lovely frame on my dresser. So sometimes photos have a pleasant ripple effect :) Thanks for working the puzzle and have a good rest of the week!


Oh wow, love this picture. Is ok if copy it and make a big picture for my spare room? Thank you Tea.


Hi Linda, yes we do . . just about anytime we drive in the mornings and evenings, we see deer in groups of 5 to 8 (usually). In this photo, I stepped quietly out of the car, but the other deer puzzle, I took their picture while I was walking in the woods with them. Glad you like the deers :)


Hi Tea.. You certainly have a lot of wild deer in TN. Do you just walk or were you in your car when you got this photo shot? It is really great. Thank you for posting it .Linda


I understand, lately my glasses are ‘a necessity’:)
You did pretty good !


I did a bit better the second time around - put on the reading glasses :-)


Good morning CLB, I’m glad you liked the puzzle, thank you :) I’m smiling, uhm Ianto has raced ahead of you on this one! But that’s ok :)


Thanks Lorna :)


Slow to finish, but lovely to re-construct. So peaceful. Thanks Tea from CLB.


Beautiful photo, and a lovely sight! Thanks Tea.

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