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Miss Marbles in the sewing box

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  1. sparklightie0:34
  2. maziz0:36
  3. blondebabydeer0:37
  4. ljcowles0:39
  5. bhelen0:42
  6. KM4SFY0:45
  7. jimbos0:45
  8. kayboblee0:49
  9. wshealy0:49
  10. Marni270:52


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Hey little baby !!!


Hello Miss Marbles - what a lovely place for you to snuggle in xxx ♥♥♥ thx for sharing - she is delightful ☺☺




jojosmom417 My husband named her Miss Marbles because he thought she was missing a few marbles. On the contrary, she seems to be quite a cunning little lady.


Well, it sounds as if she's got you trained very well! Sherry


ChicagoLiz, bhelen and mother123456 Miss Marbles has the tortoise shell attitude which means she owns anything she can climb, crawl into, jump on, beat up (toy mouse, newspaper, etc.), lay on, scratch or see. She is 6 1/2 years old and owns the entire house. As far as she is concerned, I'm merely her humble servant. I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle.


Looks like then perfect Marble bed!


You are the CUTEST MARBLE I've ever seen!!! 'Don't get trapped in the basket, ok? xxoo

Meow, " I don't think they can see me in here". :-)

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