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Family wedding last Saturday

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Chris & I drove down to Sydney for my nephew's wedding. The bride & groom are Anthony & Alyce - and on the right are Anthony's brother & sister- my niece & nephew Cindy & Tom - who were part of the Bridal party. It was held at the Camellia Gardens at Caringbah & the reception was at the Woolooware Golf Club.
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Thanks Shirley - a good time was had by all :)))

Thanks Ami - it's good to be back :)))) Sydney is just a bit too busy for me!!!

Thanks Gracie - and it was lovely to share their great day too!!!


Great picture of a beautiful couple! thanks for sharing their great day Rob.


I'm so glad to see you're back, I've been wondering where you disappeared to. I'm glad you and yours are alright!


Lovely happy couple, pretty gowns, and lovely garden setting, thanks for sharing this Rob.


Thanks Barb - they're going on a 2-week cruise around the south Pacific islands for their honeymoon:))))

Thanks Sharon - it was a wonderful wedding!!

:))) Yep!! We were away for 6 days Beekay:)) Had a great time too!! Thanks!!

Thanks snooker - they all scrubbed up really well:))))

Thanks Mimi - I love a good wedding :))

Thanks Jacques:)))

We sure did Laura - a good time was had by all!!!! Thanks!!

We were sooo lucky with the weather Dave - rain fell before & after the big day :)))) and everyone had a great, happy time - and lots of laughs :)))) Thanks!

Thanks Carole!! I'm rather fond of a wedding too - and the family get-together was terrific too!!!


Lovely wedding shots, Robyn. My best wishes to all. I posted some wedding photos as puzzles in mid-March. The last one I attended was for my grandson; it was an outdoor affair in the Hill Country of Texas. I also posted a photo of a wedding in Scotland with the men wearing kilts. It was sent to me by the grandmother of the bride and groom. I'm just a sucker for weddings; they're such happy occasions!
Thanks for letting us enjoy this one! Carole :)))


Wonderful! And the weather co-operated, too! I see alot of happiness!!


Everyone looks so good! I am sure you have a great time, Robyn!


very nice couple


Beautiful pictures of bride, groom and some of the wedding party. Thanks for sharing them with all of us! ♥☺♥

Great pictures - they are all such fine looking young people. Best wishes to the newlyweds. :)


So this is where you have been :-))
This is such a beautiful setting for a wedding and also a perfect day weather-wise too.


Hopefully the start of a long life of great happiness, health and prosperity together. So wonderful that you were able to witness the start of their journey☺♥


Good luck and lots of happiness to the bride and groom :)))
The settings were fabulous, gardens beautiful :)
Welcome back Rob and thank you for the photos!


That's a lot of rain Nev - no wonder the gardens were so green! The lawns were aerated by quite a few pairs of stiletto heals on Saturday!!!

Thanks Janet - Alyce was a very modern bride - no veil, just a very pretty hair clip decorated with pearls and she wore coral-coloured shoes the same colour as Cindy's dress! It was nice & different!!

They sure do Jan, and the setting was terrific with a rose garden in the background and lots of mature trees!! Thanks!!


Don't they make a lovely couple! And the garden setting is stunning. So glad you had a good time at the wedding Rob - and found your way home from Sutherland! (The brothers are so alike, they could be twins!)


Hi Rob, great photos of the wedding, the young women look beautiful and the young men very handsome. I'm pleased that you had a safe trip and didn't get lost. Hugs, janet


Thanks Nev! Yes we had a great time at the wedding & the weather was kind to us on Saturday!We stuck to the A3 and had no problems!!. But....the traffic was pretty ghastly:))))) It rained on Friday afternoon and just as we left Sutherland on Sunday to come home the skies opened & it bucketed down the whole way across Sydney!! and the roads were packed!! But we had a trouble-free run & didn't get lost once!! Thanks!!

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