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The New Elvis Banana

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48 pieces
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Still the Karate Chopping, Tropical Fruit of Rock and Roll!
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Hmmm, that's strange. So far, there are three different versions of my avatar. The first one was made into two different puzzles, one with 210 pieces, and the other with just 49. Here are the links to those:


Then there was the version you see in this puzzle. He's the second. There is a larger version of this puzzle, which may be the source of your confusion. That one is 70 pieces, compared to the 48 of this puzzle. That larger version looks exactly like this one, and can be found at

My current profile photo was only made into one puzzle. It can be found at

They're all definitely variations on a theme, but they are indeed different.

Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment. While I'm really not trying to pull your leg, I do enjoy a good laugh. I hope you get to have plenty of them in your life!


I studied the old Elvis, compared to the new Elvis, but they sure look identical to me, Elvis.
I think you're pulling our legs, haha - hope you're well and enjoying life, friend. (✿´‿`)




big smiles dear friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


It really is a fitting avatar. I'm old, have long hair for the times, like bananas and rock music (some of it, at least), and have a black belt! I'm even overweight, but hopefully not as much as my avatar!

Thanks for dropping by, @spaklies ! It's always nice to "see" you.


Love this one - nice to know that i can count on you for protection ☺ black belt - very impressive ☺☺☺ Go go go Elvis ♫ Rocking away ♫


And very healthy too! ;-)


@treker, you're very perceptive. You can tell I've got those hips shaking! It's hard to eat a banana that way, but worth the effort!



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