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Summer florals

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Pink flowers tonight.

Credits: Fabric designers such as P. Kaufman, R.J. Kaufman, Michael Miller,, Joann, Liberty, Waverly and others.
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  1. alib3515:47
  2. amanaplan16:19
  3. Marlene0117:44
  4. HollyBG18:34
  5. monet1418:48
  6. BubbaLoo6019:01
  7. RiverSmiles20:10
  8. kath5622:17
  9. Kiwi222:27
  10. Tyco23:49


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I'm going to try to post on my phone. My laptop has to go in to be fixed tomorrow, along with Chris's. He's been struggling to resuscitate it for a week. He has stripped it down and rebuilt it so many times by now that he's had a crash course in laptop construction and mechanics. Hugs, Y F Jayne.❤️🤗🦉

Thanks for the advance notice, Jayne, I do worry when you are offline. Y F Judy


Thanks so much Judy dear. We are well and a three day weekend is coming up so I can rest. I think I may be offline for a few days because my screen turned black last night so it will probably need to be taken in for repairs. I can't manage posting puzzles on my phone. Enjoy your weekend too. YF Jayne

Dear Jayne, Flower wishes back to you! Healthy, happy and secure wishes as well for you, SA and the rest of the world, too. Hugs, Judy


Thanks Kim. In that case you really need to read my piece attached to the puzzle I have just posted - it's all about flowers and vases! Enjoy, Jayne


Hi Jayne, Thank you for the beautiful flowers. I have the perfect vase!


Thanks so much Dot, GGrannyx4 and Annie. Yes, it was my wish and I hope it was fulfilled for you. (*~*) Jayne

I don't know if you put the thoughtful note that pops up when I completed your puzzle, but thanks for the wish for a "flower filled day". Loved this puzzle.

Thank you

Wishing you a calm restful week. Thanks, Dot

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