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Bromeliads next door.

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Taken this morning.
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Thanks chookie, Jim, Morris, Florrie, Jana, Suzy & Dave - it seems like this is a new plant to quite a few of you - so I'm pleased to show it!!!!


Isn't it just amazing how a plants flower could evolve to look like that.


The morning light on the bromeliads brings out the color and shape in them. Thanks, Rob!


Another great collage. Wonderful flowers :-))) Thank you so much Rob.


Interesting looking flower, Rob.

I really like them, have never seen either!!


Pretty Rob , never seen one before, I don't think they grow in our cold climate. , Your lucky to have year round beauty. chook's right , they do look like matchsticks up close. Jim


Must be a good season for them Nev - they sure are pretty!! Thanks!!

Ah! Thanks Janet - I can see why it's called that!! Makes a lot of sense:))))

Thanks Barb - What a shame you can't still grow them:(((((

Thanks Floyd - I'm pleased to introduce you to a new plant!!

And you too Cathy:))) They are cute - each spray is about 6" or so long!!! Thanks!!!


These are new to me too. They are so cute ... like a child's toy!
Your pictures are great Rob!!!


That is a neat flower.
A first for me.
Thanks Rob.


Great photos Rob :) I grew lots of bromeliads in Florida, it was a good climate for them there but not in the desert. Thanks for the pictures :)


Rob, I have this one flowering now too. It's Billbergia gamosepala, commonly called the "Matchstick" brommie. It has a very unusual colour combination. You have great pics of it. Thanks and hugs, janet.


Thanks Allie - I thought they'd have done well in your climate!!


amazing beauties - I never get tired of seeing these flowers! WishI could grow them here - thanks Robyn!


Broms are fascinating flowers Laura - I love the colours! Thanks!!

:))) This is very normal for Broms Beekay - they're a pretty colourful lot:)))) Thanks!

No Shirley - this is it!!! They're very hardy and tough & like the dry weather. You only need to water them rarely - the centre of the leaves forms a water well, and you just top them up occasionally!!! Thanks!!


Rob, will the little purple flower on the end open out more ? pretty colours, I don't have any bromeliads, so have only seen what has been on Jigidi. Thanks, Rob.


Not a normal color combo for a flower...but then it's not your typical flower either :-))


What an unusual flower on this, Robyn! I have never even seen this before.

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